Junior Boys enjoy Baddies & Barristers event

Junior Boys enjoy Baddies & Barristers event

Crime hit the heart of the Junior School this week when the boys’ football kit was deliberately ruined, splattered with paint from the Art room.

It quickly became obvious that none of the boys could have committed this heinous crime... it was a member of staff!

Working in their houses, the boys conducted a series of investigations to eliminate various suspects. The tasks included hair and fingerprint analysis, code breaking, height conversions, puzzle solving and genetic fingerprinting. There was even video ‘evidence’ from some Year 6 boys that was played on the big screen.

Once the evidence was collated, the boys filed into the hall where our suspects, Mrs Melia, Mr Sheikh and Mr Robson, were accused and led to the dock. Each House Captain and Sports Captain gave evidence (swearing to tell the truth on a copy of Oliver Twist) before providing their evidence. Suspects took the stand to plead innocence, but in the end, the boys used their forensic skills correctly to point the finger at just one culprit... Mr Robson. When he was taken to the stocks he was quoted as saying, ‘I would have got away with it, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids!’

The afternoon saw Year 2 visiting the Junior School for their transition visit and they carried out a similar range of activities that had been adapted for them. They then got to play the part of the jury and give their evidence to the judge, correctly convicting the afternoon’s suspect, Mr Sheikh. They gleefully led him to the stocks and pelted him with rotten apples before each boy took home their own fingerprint on a keyring, as a souvenir.

Well done boys, the streets will certainly be safer if you go on to pursue careers in law and criminal justice!