Boys' Junior School update - 13/09/2019

Boys' Junior School update - 13/09/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!

Year 3

Year 3 Gold have settled into Junior school superbly well. 

They have enjoyed spending time with their Year 6 ‘buddies’ who have kindly shown them 'how things work' here in the Junior Boys' School. 

The dining hall was a particular hit, with tummies ready for lunch by 12.20pm. 

We are very proud of how Year 3 have settled in so far. 

Ms Pepper, their class teacher, is delighted with their good listening skills and how well they are following instructions. Keep it up, 3 Gold!

Year 4

Year 4 Royal have had a super week settling back in and finding out about the exciting things they have all been up to this Summer.

The boys took time to share their stories and listened to each other carefully. 

They have also been busy settling back into lessons and enjoying energetic games in P.E.

Year 5

The Boys in Year 5 Emerald have had a fantastic launch to their new topic “Beast Creator” which involved an afternoon of bug-based activities.

We headed over to the Girls' School to play a few games of beetle, made some origami bugs and also drew some specimens which came from the science lab: preserved butterflies, beetles and even a scorpion. 

In the coming weeks we will be getting to grips with the wildlife in our school grounds and widening our knowledge of ‘all things bugs’. 

If you find yourself at a loose end at the weekend, Manchester Museum has an excellent permanent display of living and preserved animals-well worth a visit. 

Year 6

After a well-earned break over the summer, the Year 6 boys have returned to school with enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead. 

After sharing stories and experiences from their holidays, they have quickly settled into Year 6 and seem to understand their new position as role models. 

We have elected leaders and captains for various roles across the school and those boys are excited about this opportunity and responsibility. 

Their attitude towards learning has been impressive and they are all particularly excited about their upcoming trip to the ‘Chill Factore’ which ties into their topic, ‘Frozen Kingdom’.

The boys and girls had their first House Meetings of the new year this week and began the exciting process of selecting House Representatives to fill some important roles within the school. 

Our House, Sports and Music captains were all selected following a vote in each house with the following being appointed:

House Captain – Junior
Sports Captain – Sammy 
Music Captain – Ethan 
House Captain – Zubair
Sports Captain – Harry
Music Captain – Alfie
House Captain – Murtaza
Sports Captain – William 
Music Captain – Noah
House Captain – Sonny 
Sports Captain – Matthew 
Music Captain – Henry