Boys' Junior School update - 20/09/2019

Boys' Junior School update - 20/09/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!

Year 3

Year 3 Gold were both shocked and delighted when last week a visitor came to class dressed in shorts, shades, a baseball cap holding a spray can!

The visitor began to spray silver on our lovely brick wall - can you guess who it was?

“Why?” you may be asking.

It’s all part of our new humanities topic, ‘Urban Art’. On Friday, we had a second visitor - Year 5 teacher, Mr Minta - share some urban art he has created using reclaimed wood and a canvas.

Year 3 Gold were very impressed with his art work and eagerly began to write their own initials in the style of urban artists.

The boys understood, of course, very clearly, that urban art is marvellous when done with permission!

Year 4

Year 4 boys have had an excellent week.

They have settled into the new timetable well and are working hard. They have also had some excitement when they were escorted to the Girls’ school by a Roman centurion where they also met a Celtic warrior. The boys and the girls then participated in a battle - Romans versus Celts - where much fun was had! In mixed groups the children then researched each army’s weapons and battle tactics and compared them.

The boys have also been researching and creating fact files about inspirational women from the book ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World.’ They have been greatly inspired by women such as Marie Curie, Rosa Parks and Mary Anning.

Year 5

After a fantastic launch of our Beast Creator topic, we set off on a search for life in the school grounds.

Exploring those hidden, wooded corners of school revealed a plethora of insects, bugs and beasties as well as a wide range of birds and plants. The Boys were surprised to find such a variety of life just on the school site. We recorded our thoughts in fieldwork journals before returning to class and recording our findings.

Year 6

Year 6 Boys launched their ‘Frozen Kingdom’ topic on Wednesday, when they accepted a STEM based challenge – how could you build a free-standing igloo, complete with a doorway, using only sugar cubes, water and icing sugar?

The theme then carried through into Art lessons, where the boys studied and painted beautiful watercolour versions of the Aurora Borealis.