Boys' Junior School update - 27/09/2019

Boys' Junior School update - 27/09/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!


Junior girls and boys were lucky enough to be treated by a short instrumental demonstration by visiting musicians.

A variety of pieces were performed on the oboe, clarinet and saxophone - showcasing the different sounds and capabilities of the different instruments.

Many of the junior pupils were inspired to learn to play these woodwind instruments and we're looking forward to seeing some new talent emerging from our budding young musicians.

Year 3

This week, Year 3 boys showed their excellent Humanities homework projects to each other.

They were excited to see the different landmarks each other had chosen. It was a fabulous effort by everybody and looked very impressive!

On Friday, the boys and girls came together to dramatise what they had learned about the Berlin Wall. They were very sad for the families and friends who were separated when the wall was built. They enjoyed learning that the wall later came down and that parts of it now show urban art symbolising freedom.


Year 4

In Science, bug hunting was on the agenda for Year 4 boys.

The boys really enjoyed looking for living things in microhabitats and recording their findings. They used magnifying glasses to closely observe the animals and drew detailed sketches of their body parts. The boys were then able to classify the mini beasts into annelids, arachnids, insects, crustaceans and molluscs.They were lucky enough to have glorious sunshine whilst they were doing this!

In Music, Year 4 boys had a special visitor: Mrs Brownlow, our amazing, talented flute teacher. Not only did she play the flute for the boys, but she also played the piccolo, fife, glass bottle, pan pipes and straw. The boys had a lot of fun and enjoyed listening to some lovely music!

Year 5

This week we have been celebrating success with our ‘Best Work Wall’.

Roman and Francis made it on there with some excellent pieces of homework. Their Mini Beast fact-files - were well researched and presented in a creative way. Neat presentation, high effort and a desire to show the best work you can is what we are looking for. Well done, boys, and to all those who are showing their best work in school and at home.

Year 6

Year 6 boys have taken to their roles and responsibilities like ducks (or swans) to water!

They are working diligently in their various positions, not only learning to behave as role models for the other boys, but also to be helpful, kind and courteous. Keep up the good work, Year 6!

Well done to Sammy S in Year 6 who participated in the City of Sheffield Teaspoon Swimming Gala where you don’t win medals, you win teaspoons! 

He swam in 4 races, achieved 4 first places and won 4 teaspoons!