Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 04/05/2018

Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 04/05/2018

Dear Parents,

As we prepare for our proudest day of the year there is a wonderful buzz of excitement around school. Stopping for a moment to look around I have an overwhelming sense of pride and appreciation for what we have. We are incredibly lucky. We have impressive buildings, state of the art sports provision, an abundance of creative resources and space to enjoy and achieve. We are extremely privileged to have old and new combined. The magnificent Roger Kay Hall will provide a perfect setting for the Junior Service to be delivered by the Reverend Cathy Selby. We are looking forward to celebrating together with the Boys' School, hearing the Reverend’s words of wisdom and of course sing from our hearts our favourite hymns.

Most importantly of course, the sense of pride is because of our motivated pupils, dedicated staff and supportive parents who are a true representation of how great we are. It is a time of reflection and appreciation for those before us who had the vision and strength of character to provide for the future. We are proud of our heritage and tradition and to celebrate this we will walk through the streets of Bury with our heads held high, as so many others have done before us. I hope you are able to join us as we celebrate the past and present.


I would like to say a special thank you to our Parents' Association who work tirelessly on our behalf. Their enthusiasm and continuous support is very much appreciated and as they work behind the scenes, they are truly unsung heroes. This morning a parent mentioned how supported they feel by our Association who go above and beyond and I do not usually name names however Mrs O’Rourke’s hard work with ‘pre-loved uniform’ is a god send. Thank you very much!

Coming up

08.05.18 to 10.05.18 Year 6 Low Bank
08.05.18 Year 2 Swimming gala - 10.35am
10.05.2018 Year 2 Transition – Baddies & Barristers (Boys) & Afternoon Tea Party (Girls)
11.05.18 1N Assembly

Kind regards,

Mrs Howard – On behalf of the Infant and Junior team.