Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 27/04/2018

Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 27/04/2018

Dear Parents,

As I walked across the playground earlier this week I come across a line of eagerly awaiting Year 6 girls. Helmets on, serious listening faces and bicycles at the ready, absorbing a list of key instructions. A wave of fear and excitement washed over me as I remembered my own Cycling Proficiency days! Again this is an experience where the girls will learn to face challenges and overcome difficulties, resulting in an overwhelming feeling of achievement when they receive their PASS certificates! School is a place where we learn the skills to problem solve and build resilience. Some skills we learn are life changing, some are life-saving but all are liberating and tickets to future successes. The girls have had a fantastic week and I commend their perseverance and determination.

Llandudno is the place to be this week! Our Year 5 girls have been thoroughly enjoying the jolly seaside town and its attractions. The Great Orme, the Pier and the beach to name but a few. West Shore Beach is absolutely beautiful, if you have never ventured I strongly recommend you do. I understand the Dunoon Hotel has provided a perfect base with its white linen tablecloths and tapestry’s on the wall. The food has also been reported to be fantastic which is always a bonus!
Meeting with Infants this week for our Pupil Voice was enlightening and entertaining. I asked the children about what they like and dislike about Extra-Curricular Clubs. The best answers of course came from the question, ‘If you could have any club at all, what would you suggest?’ The children offered some interesting ideas such as Puppet Club and Gardening Club however there was one suggestion of Electricity Club… I will leave you with that thought! 

Reception K delivered a colourful assembly on the topic of Africa this morning to the whole school and parents. It is not easy when you are so little to present to an audience of people much bigger than yourself and to such a large audience. The children were warmly received and their message of ‘we are very lucky’ was loud and clear. I have to say their singing was beautiful and I have been hearing the lyrics all round school throughout the day. Well done Reception K!


Founders’ Day is next Friday 4th May. School is closed for the Infants. All Junior Girls are required to be in School. A letter has gone out to all parents in anticipation with details about the day and you will find a copy on the website.

Coming up

04.05.18 Founders’ Day
08.05.18 to 10.05.18 Year 6 Low Bank
08.05.18 Year 2 Swimming gala - 10.35am
11.05.18 1N Assembly

Kind regards,

Mrs Howard – On behalf of the Infant and Junior team.