Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 12/01/2018

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 12/01/2018

Dear Parents

Welcome back. I hope that you all enjoyed a relaxing break from school and are looking forward to another exciting term in the Junior School. The boys have returned with a renewed work ethic and I know that the staff have been impressed by the application that is being shown in class. In particular, the boys have taken on-board the comments from their reports and are working hard to address their new targets. I am always delighted to hear of the boys’ excellent work, as is clearly shown by our ‘Going for Gold’ Head Teacher Award board… this was just from the Autumn term – should’ve got a bigger board…!

The expectation to deliver an assembly on New Year resolutions was not lost on me on Monday. However, it was with one major difference. I firmly believe that the concept of resolutions are excellent ones, but why should we wait until a new year? And why, if we fall by the wayside of our resolutions, should we then have to wait another year before starting all over? I was clear with the boys that we enter a new year of our life every second of every minute of every hour of every day. There has never been this precise moment of time in history, and there never will be again. To wait for another week, month or year is simply ludicrous if we want to make a change. If we do not succeed, we recognise that failure is very much a part of the process and we must experience it in order to provide a balance and understanding of the gravity of when we are successful.

In conclusion the boys were told, “Set resolutions whenever and wherever you like. And if you fail, stand up, dust yourself down and resolve to be better next time. Happy New Second!”

We have been to the polls this week in that voting for our new school councillors has been in operation across the school. The boys see this process as a highly important one and I know that there is a real sense of pride in the title of school councillor. Watch out for the announcement next week.

I am looking forward to welcoming parents into school over the next few weeks. We have class assemblies on:

Friday 19th January - Y5 Jade

Friday 26th January - Y4 Navy

Friday 9th February - Y6 Burgundy

Friday 16th February - Y4 Royal

We will also be holding our next Parent Forum on Tuesday 6th February from 8.45 – 9.15am. You are warmly invited to attend.

Have a lovely weekend

Mr M Turner
Head of Junior School