Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 04/05/2018

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 04/05/2018

Dear Parents
As I write this, I look forward to one of the proudest moments I hold in the school year. Leading the Boys’ Junior School on the procession into Bury as part of our Founders’ Day celebrations is truly humbling and an experience that always lives long in the memory. Equally, our Junior Founders’ Day service that we hold in the Roger Kay Hall, provides yet another opportunity to reflect on what an honour it is to lead our great school. I sincerely hope all of you who came out to support us today, enjoyed the procession and felt embraced by the warmth of the Bury Grammar School community.

 I was delighted to attend the Founders’ concert on Wednesday evening in the Roger Kay Hall. The standard of music on show from the senior schools was outstanding and I enjoyed every moment – up until the ‘Austin Powers’ dance routine! That is all I will say for those who weren’t in attendance. For those who were there, I can only apologise!
During the week, the boys have continued to be busy both inside and outside the classroom. The Year 3s continue to enjoy taking part in their ‘cress experiment’. Year 4 have been working hard to create fact files on their chosen US state whilst Year 5 have been demonstrating their banking and weather skills in dealing with negative numbers. Year 6 have been working hard at their writing, producing some excellent summative writes in the form of newspaper reports. All that and a full clubs programme has been excellently and enthusiastically attended! Life in the Junior School is never dull!

I am looking forward to Thursday 10th May as we will return the Junior School to its former glory as the Courts of Bury as part of our ‘Baddies and Barristers’ event. Boys are invited to attend as famous ‘Baddies’ from books or aspire to be the ‘good guys’ as barristers and court room workers, as they attempt to use their deduction skills to find out which teacher committed a heinous crime. From fingerprinting to problem solving and fibre analysis, I am sure they will enjoy using their higher order thinking skills to think outside the box throughout the morning. During the afternoon, we welcome our current Year 2 boys who will take part in a similar event. Parents of these boys will also have the opportunity to get in on the act as they make up the jury! I look forward to welcoming the Year 2s and their parents to the Junior School.

Have a wonderful extended weekend.

Mr Turner

Head of Junior School