Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 27/04/2018

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 27/04/2018

Dear Parents

During Monday’s assembly I spoke with the boys about the London Marathon that had taken place over the weekend. There were plenty of records broken - the highest ever number of finishers and the hottest on record. I spoke about individual goals and records, including Mo Farah and his breaking of the British record. We all need our individual goals that are often very different from one another. One person’s goal may be to finish, another to break a record, but they are all of equal importance and require grit and determination in the pursuit of success. But even 26.2 miles starts with a single step, so make some goals and start straight away!

You may have noticed on Twitter (and if not, please follow us @BGSBJunior) that the term has started with some fabulous new topics that have thoroughly engaged and captivated the boys’ interest and imagination. We have had teachers dressed like they contracted the plague, boys dreaming of and planning American road trips, urban pioneers studying contemporary architecture and graffiti, and imaginary travels to the frozen wilderness of the Arctic and Antarctic! It is fair to say that BGSB is offering opportunities for all boys to ‘think outside the box’. I would urge you to take a look at the further news section to find out much more about what your son has been up to in school.

A reminder that next week sees the schools’ annual Founders’ Day celebrations, culminating on Friday for the day itself. I have sent a letter to parents but as a reminder, BGSB Juniors are open from 8.15am and the day finishes for the boys at 12.30pm. Could I please urge parents to collect your son punctually as there is no after school care and staff are expected elsewhere at this time. The morning session will be marked on the register and attendance is expected. All boys and staff will join the procession through Bury during the morning in full school uniform.

A new date for your diaries; our next Parent Forum will take place on Tuesday 12th June at 8.30am in the JS building – letters to follow. I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight a point raised at the last forum. Whilst I understand that parking around school can be difficult at busy times, the health and safety of our pupils in paramount. Please be courteous, drive slowly, and park sensibly, avoiding mounting the kerbs – pavements are for pedestrians. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

And finally, an insight into my Drama lessons with the boys during the week – always worth a discussion at home. Year 4 conducted a ‘balloon debate’ to decide, with the spaceship running out of oxygen en-route to inhabit a new planet, which child holding an occupation, would be jettisoned into space to keep all others alive. From policemen to mechanics, astronauts to builders, it doesn’t look good for us teachers! Year 6 have been acting out improvised expeditions to the frozen climes of our planet. Year 5 discussed and decided on a charity to support during their first term in Year 6, also coming up with possible sponsorship events to raise money. Finally, Year 3 conducted a healthy debate on which came first; the chicken or the egg? They debated and voted, with the majority stating the egg came first, arguing that the egg was laid by a different creature from which the chicken evolved. Our parental Twitter poll said differently, 63% voting for the chicken. Either way, the boys got a great deal out of making decisions and formulating opinions; well done!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Turner

Head of Junior School