Howlett and Neild win the first joint-schools House Quiz

Howlett and Neild win the first joint-schools House Quiz

The House Quiz tournament, held over the last few weeks, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

With the merging of the Sixth Forms and the fact that the weekly Quiz Club now includes both boys and girls, this year’s tournament incorporated the Girls’ School Houses.

Each Girls' House was paired with its Boys' School equivalent of the same colour, for example: Kay with Perrigo (green) and Hulme with Kitchener (blue).

This is believed to be the first competition involving houses from both schools in the history of BGS (although one of Mr. Hone’s Laws of History is ‘you can always find an earlier example’).

The first rounds of the competition involved each House-pairing playing the others once, with the two teams having the best record reaching the final.

After some close matches, Howlett/Neild met Kay/Perrigo in the final, held in the Boys’ School LRC at lunchtime on Wednesday 12th December.

Kay/Perrigo, with sixth formers Molly and Joe, had recovered from a poor first-round performance to qualify for the final ahead of a strong Derby/Lester team.

In the final, they briefly took a narrow lead before Howlett/Neild, with sixth formers Henry and Emily scoring two maximum 50-point rounds (answering a starter and all three bonuses) in succession.

Although Kay/Perrigo quickly responded with a 50 point round of their own, Howlett/Neild immediately clocked up another 100 unanswered points, with their two younger team members, Fathiat and Mackenzie proving very effective in the specialist ‘Junior’ rounds.

It was a blow from which Kay/Perrigo never recovered, although they fought hard to close the gap in the second half of the contest.

Howlett/Neild retained a comfortable lead and ended up winning by 470 points to 290.

Many thanks to all those who took part in this year’s competition. It will serve as valuable preparation for the regional heat of the annual ‘Schools Challenge’ quiz, between teams from across the North West, which will be held at BGS in early February.

The Junior House Quiz Tournament, for pupils in Year 8 and below, will take place after Christmas.