Infant School update - 20/09/2019

Infant School update - 20/09/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!

Year 1

On Friday Year 1 celebrated Roald Dahl Day by giving the afternoon to finding out about the author himself and focusing our work on one of his books: The Enormous Crocodile.

The children listened to the story and discovered what a very naughty and cheeky character the Enormous Crocodile was but he got his just desserts in the end!

The children all thought the ending was very funny.

After that, with great determination and perseverance, the children made their own Enormous Crocodiles out of 2d shapes and biscuits!

The biscuits were very tempting and even as the children were adding the icing, they were asking, “Can we eat them yet?” They stuck on edible eyes and ready-roll icing nostrils.

They looked amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Year 2

Year 2 also enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl Day, by creating their own Dream Jars.

The children talked about hopes and dreams they have for the near future and when they are adults!

Many of their dreams were of travelling to distant places in the world as well as careers in sports, veterinary medicine and gaming!

The children have also been continuing to learn about Castles, focusing on the different roles that people working in a castle had.

They have written diary extracts from the perspective of one of the workers and their feelings about working in a castle.