Introducing the Mathematics Faculty

Introducing the Mathematics Faculty

Bury Grammar School’s new Mathematics Faculty brings together the two very successful and established Mathematics Departments of the Boys' Senior and Girls' Senior Schools, creating a single, dynamic faculty which will further boost pupils’ mathematical experiences.

A key faculty which is central to the quality of education offered at BGS, the Mathematics Faculty offers the best of both worlds, building on the strengths of both departments and increasing opportunities for pupils.

An outstanding reputation

A successful and solid mathematical education which leaves pupils confident about mathematics is invaluable. We know that pupils and parents value highly the extra support and clinics our Maths teachers offer and which make all the difference to confidence and of course to grades.

Our pupils – whether they pursue Maths to the heights of Further Maths A Level, Maths A level or to GCSE - already overwhelmingly leave Bury Grammar School with a level of mathematical qualification that easily surpasses that required to achieve their challenging ambitions. We are proud that pupils’ final Maths results are also very often beyond ‘predictors’ which measure their ‘innate’ ability: at Bury Grammar School, we always aim to exceed targets.

A renewed commitment to support and excellent teaching

Increased levels of support and intervention next year will ensure that even students who may lack confidence in the subject are explicitly aware that they can, with commitment, study mathematics to whatever level they desire and that success in the subject is absolutely open to all.

This is the central philosophy which underpins the work of all our Maths teachers.

Results in Maths

Results in the Mathematics Faculty are consistently among the strongest in the school. The vast majority of our students routinely achieve grades 7, 8 or 9 (A or A*) at GCSE.

At A Level, Mathematics students regularly progress to study some of the most challenging academic degrees available, Oxbridge or otherwise, following completion of their Mathematics and/or Further Mathematics A Level(s). Computer Science, Engineering, Physics and, of course, Mathematics degrees are options that many of our students go on to study at university. However, the standard of challenge involved in both the Mathematics and Further Mathematics A Levels ensure that, whatever the choice of degree, our A Level students are well equipped for the future.

External competitions

The School already enters a number of mathematical competitions. External competition entry and preparation will be strengthened next year, expanding on current successes. We anticipate entering a wide variety of competitions, such as national UKMT Maths Challenges, the more local Bury Maths Challenge and a variety of other events encompassing team competitions, competitions open to all students and competitions that feature a demanding qualification process.

We hope that lots of pupils will feel inspired to join in.

Preparation for university and life beyond school

Preparation for mathematical and competitive university courses will be boosted by designated extra curricular programs, offering increased opportunities for mathematical exploration outside of the constraints of studying towards examinations. These will be available to students across the year groups, at an earlier stage than is currently possible.

The new Head of the Mathematics Faculty

The Head of the Mathematics Faculty will be Mr Peter O’Sullivan, who has an outstanding reputation at Bury Grammar School with pupils, parents and staff. A teacher with ten years’ experience - six of which have been as head of department – who holds the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL), Mr O-Sullivan is looking forward to working with teachers from ‘both’ schools and overseeing the mathematical education of all our senior boys and girls.

He said ‘I want all our pupils to succeed in and feel confident in Maths.
It is important to me that students can look forward to lessons, and that the support we give them continues to produce outstanding examination results and equips pupils with qualifications that facilitate access to the most respected and competitive university courses and career paths. It is a given in Bury Grammar School’s Mathematics Faculty that any pupils who needs extra help or support absolutely gets that support. We want all of our pupil to flourish and this is something that we will continue to achieve thanks to the combined efforts of our excellent teaching staff and the support and enthusiasm of our students and parents.’