Juniors & Infants enjoy STEM Challenge Day

Juniors & Infants enjoy STEM Challenge Day

It was an exciting day for Bury Grammar School Infants and Juniors on Friday 30th June when the schools came together to undertake a STEM Challenge day.

BGSl welcomed vintage cars, cars from Mercedes Benz of Whitefield, vintage and modern day motorbikes, the school tractor and a 7.5 tonne truck along with a trailer. The fascinating array of vehicles were on display in the playground all morning. The children investigated and explored all of the vehicles, enjoying the opportunity to have an invaluable hands-on experience and to ask probing questions from the experts. The aim was to make science and technology come alive by showing the children how these skills are vital in our everyday lives.

At 9.30 a helicopter landed on the playing field and all Infant and Junior pupils watched it flying overhead before descending. All classes visited the helicopter and met the pilot for a question and answer session. Alongside a symphony of cheering the helicopter circled the playground and flew off, waved off by all the children. 

BGS were also excited to invite a STEM Ambassador (Scarlett Jhanji from Glasgow University), to the school who spoke to all of the Junior Girls about Biomedical Engineering and her involvement with 3D printed prosthetics. The girls were enthralled by her speech and were left inspired by the world of Biomedical Engineering. 

During the week all of the Infants and Junior Girls made rubber band or balloon powered cars and there was a race off in the afternoon with winners in various categories being awarded prizes.

It was inspirational to see so many boys and girls celebrate the STEM subjects and to see their inquisitive minds explore the idea of applying scientific and mathematical theories to everyday life.