Over 200 pupils enjoy Year 6 Experience Day at BGS

Over 200 pupils enjoy Year 6 Experience Day at BGS

We were delighted to welcome over 200 pupils to our Year 6 Experience Day in the BGS Senior Schools on Wednesday.

After receiving a warm welcome from our Sixth Form ambassadors, the pupils, some of whom were from BGS while the majority were external, spent time getting to know each other and making friends in the morning before heading off for their first lessons.

In the Girls' School, pupils took part in Art, Chemistry, English, Food and Maths. In the Boys' School, pupils enjoyed activities in History, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages, Science and Sport.

The day concluded with speeches to parents from Headmistress Mrs Anderson and Headmaster Mr Cassidy in the Roger Kay Hall and Boys' Assembly Hall.

Current Year 6 pupils can register for our BGS Stars sessions (Saturday morning courses in Languages, Maths, Science and English) by calling our Admissions Team on 0161 696 8600 or emailing admissions@burygrammar.com.