Professor of German speaks to Year 9 pupils

Professor of German speaks to Year 9 pupils

On Tuesday 11th June, Professor of German Martin Durrell from Manchester University came to school to give a talk to Y9 boys and girls.

The talk, entitled ‘Learning a Foreign Language. How difficult is it really?’, encouraged pupils to recognise the importance of learning modern languages.

Professor Durrell told pupils that in order to learn another language, we must first work out and recognise differences between the target language and our own native language.

He highlighted the importance of having a range of learning strategies in place to be an effective learner and that we should never be afraid of making mistakes since it is the only way to learn!

Pupils gained top tips for linguistic success including setting realistic goals, remembering why they are learning the language and trying to visit the countries where the language is spoken.

Professor Durrell also emphasised that employers actively seek out linguists due to the ‘intercultural competence’ gained by learning languages.

At the end of the talk, pupils were given the opportunity to ask questions on a range of linguistic topics.

Pupils made the following comments:

"This talk has really opened our minds to a wider range of languages and grammar. This has made us think about pursuing a career in MFL." - Lucy J, Eleanor L and Emma F

"Overall the experience was enjoyable and informative for everyone involved." - Saifullah R