Senior Girls interview Head of the Science Faculty

Senior Girls interview Head of the Science Faculty

By Harriet L and Olivia M

On Tuesday 30th April we visited Mr Watts; the new Head of the Science Faculty.

He greeted us with a smile and a firm handshake.

As the new head of science faculty, a question we thought was appropriate to ask him was, “Do you have any new ideas on how you are going to improve the science faculty?” He replied with certainty that he was thrilled to be head of faculty, first and foremost.

Mr Watts told us that the science department was already amazing in helping students reach the highest grades possible.

One area he is changing over the next year is the location of the science departments, with Chemistry and Biology being based in the Senior Boys and Physics in the Senior Girls – this will provide a far greater range of opportunities for students to experience the very best that Science can offer.

Mr Watts did also mention he is determined to bring in more spokespeople for students in Year 10 and 11 to attend their speeches about their roles in the industry of science to raise interest in careers in STEM outside of Medicine and Dentistry before pupils get to Sixth Form.

Then we asked a question which all students ask when trying to distract the teacher from the lesson, “what is your favourite science” he replied with the obvious answer of Biology as he is a molecular cell biologist and is fascinated by evolution and how the world was created.

When Mr Watts is not busy marking homework and papers, he enjoys to spend his time playing golf, football and training for triathlons. His favourite golfer is Justin Rose as he is calm, cool and collected. His favourite football team is Manchester United, with his favourite player being Mctominay along with supporting Lincoln city as that is where he grew up. He said he was very pleased that Lincoln city have been promoted.

His best ever place he has visited is New York. With the sky-high skyscrapers and the magnificent central park, New York is to die for, and we can`t blame Mr Watts for wanting to visit again!

His favourite experiment is the screaming Jelly Baby which is everyone’s fave! Along with Bubbling gas that is caused by washing up liquid, which to Mrs Fielden`s delight, causes no safety hazards or danger.

Mr Watts enjoys a good spicy curry instead of a fancy shmancy dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant. His go-to takeaway is Pizza; a classic treat after a long day of teaching SCIENCE!

We really enjoyed interviewing Mr Watts, and we are certain that the science department and faculty has a bright future ahead.