Sixth Form Prefect Team appointments 2019-20

Sixth Form Prefect Team appointments 2019-20

After a rigorous selection process including application letters, formal interviews, and speeches, Bury Grammar School are delighted to announce the appointment of Olivia Moriarty as Head Girl and George Armstrong as School Captain for 2019-20.


Supporting Olivia and George in their roles will be Molly Whitlow as Deputy Head Girl and Josh Delahunty as Vice Captain.
The school has a long tradition of providing leadership opportunities and these are highly regarded positions within the school community. The applications received for all leadership roles were truly impressive and highlighted the commitment these students have to BGS. We believe the selected students will make an excellent team, and be strong role models within our school community.

Olivia, the new Head Girl, who is proud to be taking on a role that was previously held by her mother in 1981, said: ‘Being selected for the role of Head Girl this year has been an absolute privilege and a venture I’m really looking forward to partaking in! I am extremely grateful for the guidance and encouragement BGS has offered me throughout my time here and promise to dedicate myself to this role in such a critical year for the school, its 450th anniversary.’

The new School Captain, George added: ‘It is an honour for me to take on the role of School Captain in such a special year for the school, its 450th year anniversary. Josh and I are extremely excited to work alongside our fellow senior prefects and the school staff and we hope to keep up the high standards set by previous school captains’

Molly, the new Deputy Head Girl, said: ‘With my role I would like to encourage younger pupils to become ambassadors for this school as I believe it is very important in the development of leadership and confidence. As a keen sportswoman and actress, I believe that extra-curricular activities are the best way to make the most out of your school life. In concordance with this, I will promote the presence of clubs and societies within school life and encourage everyone to take part in as much as possible.’

The new Vice Captain, Josh added: ‘I am delighted to have been given the very prestigious 450th vice captain role. The school has helped me to blossom into a mature and respected student within the school and myself and George will do our best to make sure the 450th year is one to remember.’

Further prefect appointments include Kieran Brennan as RSM, Jamie Shuell and Heled Rimmer as Sports Captains, Ethan Daniels and Olivia Groves as Music Captains and Jay Broadhurst and Janvi Patel as Heads of Events. Dylan Buckley has also been appointed to the role of Headmaster’s Prefect and Emily Lancaster will take up post as Headmistress’ Prefect.
Congratulations to all the students and good luck in your new posts!

We also offer our considerable thanks to all our current Head Girl and School Captain, Isobel Lewis and Hashim Tahir and Deputy Head Girl, Iram Farooq and Vice Captain, Sam Lambert.