Sixth formers work on their personal statements

Sixth formers work on their personal statements

As we enter the final half term of Year 12, we are all in the process of writing the first drafts of our personal statements.

This may be one of the most daunting tasks placed upon our year group as we must discuss our “passion” for our chosen subject or career (without using the word “passion”) as well as extracurricular ventures.

With some people in the year group having always known what they want to study at university and others still undecided, writing the personal statements will be a difficult job for all.

Some people in the year are looking at exciting apprenticeships, which also have a competitive application process so we are all in the same boat!

This will be the first 4000-character draft of many, before the final deadline in the Autumn term next year, but wish year 12 luck!

Following our exam results, we have now began looking at Universities across the country to find what University suits us, for example, city or campus?

Jake Howarth, visited Lancaster University during the half term and had a campus tour of the site.

He found the visit very informative and this changed his perspective on campus universities as he realised that they were larger and had more to offer than he previously thought.

Dylan Buckley also visited Durham University, he explored the campus and the city and found that he really felt at home there. Indeed, he has decided this will now be his first choice.

I am sure all of us will benefit from these Open days and university visits.

Written by Janvi and Katie, Year 12