What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 04/05/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 04/05/2018


Individual Winners

Year 6 - Ewan (133)

Year 5 - Rocco (170)

Year 4 - Zubair (72)

Year 3 - Eisa (61)

House Competition

Hulme - 54.8

Derby - 54.1

Kay - 41

Howlett - 43


Other Events

Annotating the globe

Whilst learning about the different lines of longitude and latitude which cover the globe, Burgundy made the most of the sunshine and took their learning outside. Taking our chalk, we drew our own versions of the Earth on the playground, labelling them with the terminology we had learnt during Humanities.

How they’ve grown!

Year 3 arrived to a wonderful surprise on Monday morning, as our cress had flourished over the weekend. We studied the plants carefully in Science this week and compared them to others that we had deprived of warmth and sunlight. The boys can now tell you all about healthy and ‘leggy’ plants! The cress is now ready to take home and experiment with over the long weekend for some Science home learning.

Positively negative

In Year 5 we spent the week looking at decimal and negative numbers. We talked about temperature and about having a negative balance in our bank accounts. Understand Maths in the context of real world situations shows boys how the skills they are learning have applications beyond the classroom.

Ludicrous logic puzzles and paper chains

Year 4 and 5 boys found themselves pitted against Mrs Melia’s paper chain challenge to make a chain of identical 5 paper dolls, which proved tough to beat. However, they did find success as they learned how to complete logic puzzles. Great teamwork was shown by all and great perseverance too. Well done boys!

Languages Club

After learning about body parts last week, the boys enjoyed the chance to go outside to play games using their German vocabulary whilst showing off their competitive nature. A fun time was had by all.