What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 08/06/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 08/06/2018


Individual Competition:

Year 6 - Jai (70)

Year 5 - Rocco (82)

Year 4 - William (68)

Year 3 - Max (27)


House Competition

Hulme - 35

Kay - 33

Derby - 30

Howlett - 26


Boys of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold - Rayaan, for being kind and compassionate.

Year 4 Royal - Alex, for excellent contributions to the House Quiz.

Year 4 Navy - Ibrahim, for good independent research for Road Trip USA project.

Year 5 Emerald – Stefan, for great grammar and a brilliant plague prevention poem.

Year 5 Jade - James, for excellent effort with his plague project work.

Year 6 Burgundy – Xuan Ming, for learning his lines brilliantly in our assembly.

Year 6 Scarlet - Ibrahim, for being a last minute replacement in the Edale assembly



Summer Fun

With such beautiful weather on our first week of the final Summer term, the boys played brilliantly in their extra-curricular activities. Year 4 and 5 split into two teams, each having a go at trying to score a rounder. Whilst also on the playing field, the cricket squad practised in preparation for their match this week. Let's hope the sun continues until the end of term.


Other Events

Heart Dissection

Year 6 took a trip over to the Senior School, where they were able to watch a live ox's heart dissection. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their tour to the Biology labs: being able to feel the heart, look through electronic microscopes at muscles and blood vessels, and compare the effects that unhealthy lifestyles have upon the human body. They are all thoroughly looking forward to studying Science within the Senior School when they transition into Year 7 in just a few months.

House Quiz

After an enormously entertaining and close fought battle with questions on geography, book characters, flags, music, word puzzles, and even DC/MARVEL characters, and as the rounds progressed the tension built and both teachers and boys found it hard not to shout out answers or sing. Eventually Kay emerged as the well-deserved victors, winning by a margin of just 2 points. A fabulous afternoon and well done Kay!


Impressive Innovation

Year 5 concluded their topic of Peasants, Princes and Pestilence by presenting their well-researched, beautifully presented, fact-filled innovation boards to their peers showing off the knowledge gained throughout the topic as well as thought-provoking extras. The innovation boards were nothing short of inspirational and the presentations included acting, poetry and even stinky cheese! Fabulous effort boys!

Plague projects

Year 5 completed a fantastic Plague project by independently researching, producing and presenting their own innovation boards. They were given a series of problems to resolve and had to do it in their own way. A great way to show their understanding.

Languages Club

Year 5 & 6 boys enjoyed a different style meeting this week as they learned about the cartoonist Hergé and his world-renowned character Tintin. We discussed how the character names varied in different languages with the boys drawing on their own knowledge of languages before finally sitting back to enjoy watching an episode.