What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 19/10/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 19/10/2018


Year 3

Leo - 79
Hari - 72
Austin - 68

Year 4

Adam - 19
Rayaan - 15
Shahryar - 12

Year 5

Junior - 103
Ethan - 99
Alexander - 78

Year 6

Ben - 95
Gabriel - 73
James - 70

House competition

Howlett - 48
Derby - 44.8
Hulme - 44.6
Kay - 39

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Star of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Austin T, for consistently good work this half term.

Year 4 Royal – Ben, for consistent effort this half term.

Year 5 Emerald – Ethan M, for much improved organisation this half term.

Year 5 Jade – Daniel, for an excellent plague diary.

Year 6 Burgundy – Aditya, for superb energy and commitment to learning this half term.

Year 6 Scarlet – Alsander, for an excellent boat design in Humanities


Other news

The BGS Boys' Junior School held a non-uniform day on Friday for MedEquip4Kids and have already raised over £1,500.

Mastery in Depth

Our Year 6 able Mathematicians have started their sessions over in the Senior School working with the talented Maths Department staff. The boys are enjoying stretching themselves to push on to use and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding in greater depth. Well done, boys!

Roman Pottery

As part of their study of Latin, the Year 6 boys had an opportunity to look at and handle real Roman pottery which is around 2000 years old.

They had to use their archaeological detective skills to work out what objects the pieces came from and who might have used them - not an easy task, but they all did brilliantly’


I am Warrior!

4 Royal were impressive Roman soldiers on their Chester trip. The marched through the streets of Chester, chanting the Latin, "Sen, Sen, Sen, Dex, Sen" when marching in formation. They really enjoyed exploring the Roman ruins, and experiencing different Roman artefacts.


Peace and Tranquillity

Our Mindfulness Club has been quite a hit this half-term. Here are some of the boys practising mindful movements, before sitting meditatively. They each really enjoy the period of peace and tranquillity.


Sailing Ships

The task for Year 6 - create a floating vessel. This week, Scarlet and Burgundy have gone head to head, or rather bow to bow, putting their boats to the test. Challenge 1: float upright for a minute (15/10/18). Challenge 2: load the boat with weight (16/10/18). Challenge 3: cross the Bury Grammar School Swimming Pool... date to be confirmed.

The boys have put themselves forward into different categories to compete, whilst having conversations about which materials float best or how to create stability using weight, in some cases even discussing how a motor works to propel a ship forward. Stay tuned for further updates...


Plagues Topic Conclusion

In Year 5 we had a fantastic conclusion to our plagues topic with all boys presenting their independent research projects. We had a wide variety of project boards and some boys had used their computing skills to make PowerPoints and videos. It was great to see the boys take real ownership of their learning and develop their independence. We can’t wait for the next project to begin!


Budding Song Writers in Year 6

Over the last few weeks, year 6 have been writing their own song words, based on their Humanities topic, ‘Frozen Kingdom’. They thought about the environment and the impact humans have had on the Arctic, Antarctic and the animals you find there.

I think you’ll agree, they have written a very thought provoking song.

When Will We Learn?

When will we learn?
When will we learn that the world wasn’t made for only you and me?
When will we learn? When will it be?
When will we learn? When will we see?

1. With our trucks and planes and cars, our chimneys pump out smoke
We’re killing all the creatures, don’t take this as a joke!


2. Do you care about the polar bear? They’re all just in despair
The arctic fox and hare, are very, very rare.


3. The polar bears are dying, we’re gonna pay the price
The penguins are in trouble, ‘cos we’re melting all the ice!


4. The temperature is rising, we don’t know what to do.
The ice is melting, it’s all up to you!



Some Spooky Goings On in Year 5!

Over this half term, year 5 have been studying spooky music and investigating why it is spooky. They have listened to music by Saint-Saens and Mussorgsky and this week they have created their own spooky piece called ‘Haunted House’ based on a graphic score, which they have interpreted in their own unique ways.



U11 football - Friday 12th October

BGS 5-5 Bolton School

A comeback of epic proportions on Friday saw the BGS boys valiantly battle back from a 1-4 half time deficit to claim a draw against Bolton with a stunning second half performance. Four goals from Oliver (the pick of the bunch being a long distance left foot finish into the bottom corner) and another goal from Sammy saw the boys claim what had looked like an unlikely draw. In goal, Carter pulled off an number of impressive saves as he and both Hakim and Ciaran provided a solid defensive base in the second half.

The B team lost their fixture 0-6 but battled well with an unfamiliar mix of players making their first appearance of the season for school.


Well done to Sammy Sutcliffe who participated in the final of the Junior Jubilee league swimming gala for Ramsbottom Rascals.

This is a club competition between 16 other local Manchester based swimming clubs and they won!

Sammy got a medal for his efforts swimming up two age grades in the 11s and under.