What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 22/03/2019

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 22/03/2019

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Star of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – George S, for showing a real determination to succeed with challenging questions.

Year 4 Royal – Ethan, for taking extra care of the school environment.

Year 5 Emerald – Alex, for excellent independent Maths.

Year 5 Jade – Matthew R, for excellent draftsmanship and artistic skills in Humanities work.

Year 6 Burgundy – Aditya, for outstanding attitude towards each area of learning.

Year 6 Scarlet – Sam, for enthusiastic Battleships coordinates work in Maths.

House Points

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
George S - 235
Ahmed - 217
Austin T - 215
Harry - 121
John - 106
Rayaan  -105
Zubair - 138
Junior - 132
Murtaza - 131
Evan - 91
Awais - 67
James - 64

Overall Competition

Howlett - 96
Kay - 94
Derby - 86
Hulme - 71

Other News

Year 3 Coin Pyramids

We were set the challenge to build a pyramid of coins using only coins and two magnets.

We had to think carefully about what we had learned and knowing that only 1p’s and 2p’s were magnetic, we used these for the challenge. We worked in teams and everybody succeeded in building a pyramid.


An Eggcellent Eggsperiment

Exploring tooth decay, Year 4 created their own Science experiments this week, using the principles of fair testing and controlled variables.

With their knowledge that egg-shells have a similar composition to the enamel of teeth, the boys have set up an experiment to answer the question: do sugary drinks cause tooth decay? They will now observe the effects of different liquids on the egg-shells over the course of the week to find out if their predictions are accurate. They boys agreed it’s eggceptional fun!


Marvellous Materials

Year 5 have been getting used to planning experiments in Science, using sticky notes to jot down variables and ways to ensure a fair test.

So far they have investigated thermal insulators and the strength of various materials, before plotting their results on a variety of graphs.


Year 5 dramatics

In Year 5 this week the boys showcased their excellent dramatic abilities by recreating scenes from the trial and execution of Anne Boleyn.

Some groups acted each part, others used a narrator to read historic transcripts. Being able to get a deeper understanding events in the past by accessing original sources while also being able to ask questions about their validity and bias is an important part in teaching critical thinking.



Sammy (Year 5) had a fantastic weekend of racing with 11 races at the City of Salford Spring Meet.

He achieved 7 Golds, 4 Silvers and 11 new PBs. After this gala, Sammy will be ranked 1st in the UK for his age (10 and under) in 13 events over short and long course!

Well done Sammy!