What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 24/05/2019

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 24/05/2019

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Star of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Sarim, for showing improved effort in Maths and English.

Year 4 Royal – Hisham, for working hard on the presentation of his work.

Year 5 Emerald – Ethan M, for a wonderful effort in all classwork this half term.

Year 5 Jade – Ibrahim S, for some excellent work on translation and reflection in Maths.

Year 6 Burgundy – Ben F, for a great attitude to learning all week.

Year 6 Scarlet – Harrison B, for a sensible attitude during bikeability.

House Points

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Hari - 52

George N - 42

George S - 38

Thomas - 163

Ben N - 135

John - 112

Haroon & Zubair - 85

Matthew R - 78

Noah - 77

Sam E - 94

Afan - 90

James - 67

Overall Competition

Kay - 47

Derby - 45

Howlett - 44

Hulme - 42

Other News


The Year 6 boys and girls teamed up this week to take on the two-wheeled challenge of Bikeability from Monday to Thursday.

The course, which looks at both bike maintenance and road safety, helped the children to experience cycling on the roads in a safe environment, learning about the Highway Code, bike awareness and road positioning as well as bike and helmet maintenance.

Working in small groups the children were put through their paces navigating u-turns, parked cars and a whole host of other road-related scenarios. Maybe, we'll see some children cycling to school in the near future!


Creative Writing

This half term, the pupils in Year 6 have been studying Shakespeare's play, Macbeth.

Both in school and at home, they have been producing a range of writing pieces based on the playwright and the production, whilst giving their work an archaic feel using staining techniques.


It has been a busy cross-curricular week in Year 5 as we followed a scientific investigation into the chemical reaction between yeast, sugar and water by making some bread.

This practical activity joined together our science topic (materials) and our humanities “Allotment” topic that has explored food production locally and globally. The boys got hands on making bread and had to carefully follow written instructions while working together as a team. We will see if there are any future chefs amongst us and if any of the bakes are worthy of a great British bake off “Hollywood handshake”.


Green Fingers

Year 5 visited their allotment area today, not only to take care of it, but also to see if there was any progress in terms of what had been planted earlier this term.

They agreed that the cabbages are coming along nicely and there are even a few tiny strawberries coming through!


Robinwood Residential

Wow - what a trip!

A development of skills, a conquest of fears and an engagement of fun. Climbing, canoeing, caving, archery, raft-building, trapeze flying, zip-lining, a Knights' Quest, a Dungeon Challenge, the Piranha Pool... by bed-time, sleep was definitely much needed! The pupils had a ball engaging in so many activities. Some challenges were scarier than others. For some, it was the height of the zip-wire, for others it was squeezing through a narrow, dark tunnel, for others it was the complexity of putting on a duvet cover. But confusion and fear were faced head-on, and in most cases, banished completely by the 'can-do' attitude the pupils embraced, supported by encouraging and caring words of friends - old and new. The skills of team-work, respect, communication, listening, resilience and more were embraced and embodied. All the pupils represented their school in the best light. A development of skills, a conquest of fears and an engagement of fun - yes, all that but also more. A community of co-operation and a spirit of support.


Year 3 Greek Legends

This week Year 3 have been writing their own legends. To help with their creativity, we acted out some scenes of dragons attacking innocent villagers and brave heroes saving the day. The legends being written are all very different and very exciting and we can’t wait to share our finished tales with each other.


Year 3 - Plants and Flowers

Year 3 have been investigating the conditions needed for plants to grow well.

We started by discussing what we have done at home to help them grow strong, and then we planned an experiment to test our theories. Plant A will be watered and placed in the window where it is warm and sunny. Plant B will be watered and kept in the dark. Plant C will be watered but kept in the cold, and plant D will be deprived of both sunlight and water. It’s an exploring and observation experiment so we can see what happens to our plants in different conditions. We are monitoring them daily and have already predicted what might happen to them.


Eco Warriors

House Points

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Austin W - 93

George N - 44

George S - 43

Absent at Robinwood

Sonny - 165

Zubair - 163

Ethan W - 145

Aditya - 150

Toby - 141

Ciaran - 95

Overall Competition

Kay - 45.14

Howlett - 44.11

Hulme - 38

Derby - 33