What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 25/05/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 25/05/2018


Individual Winners

Year 6 - No Data – Edale trip

Year 5 - Oliver (73)

Year 4 - Ethan A (65)

Year 3 - Francis (51)


House Competition

Hulme - 29

Kay - 27

Derby - 26

Howlett - 24


Boys of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold - Theo, for being helpful, working hard and enjoying all aspects of learning.

Year 4 Royal – Alexander, for his bravery and resilience in overcoming his fears at Robinwood.

Year 4 Navy - Keyaan, for being particularly helpful to others at Robinwood.

Year 5 Emerald – Ibrahim, for amazing effort this week on his innovate board.

Year 5 Jade - Awais, for improved effort and focus in Maths lessons.

Year 6 Burgundy - Freddie, for an amazingly detailed ship, complete with Lego man sailor.

Year 6 Scarlet - Oliver, for a successful Endurance model boat.

Other Events


Sink or Float?

As part of our Frozen Kingdom topic, the boys have each created their own versions of the Endurance, using perseverance to design some truly spectacular vessels! During the afternoon of our last week studying the Frozen Kingdom, we put our ships to the test: placing them in a tray of water to see if they would really withstand the journey (also known as a 1-minute float test). Tensions rose as some boats capsized; however, many sailed to victory!


Art through diffusion

Recently, Year 6 have looked at processes that occur within the human body, including the cycle of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, osmosis and diffusion. As a Science experiment, we carried out tests upon sweets to observe how jelly babies absorb water through osmosis and how colour is spread from skittles using diffusion. This allowed us to create our own diffusion art.


Robin Wood

Year 4 boys and girls had a fantastic time at Robin Wood. They showed fabulous team spirit and camaraderie as they encouraged each other to face a range of different challenges. From conquering the zip wire, the giant swing, the trapeze jumps, to finding balance and working as a team for the crate challenge, they each showed great courage, support and encouragement. Problem solving skills really came to the fore in challenges such as the Knights’ Quest, the Piranha Pool and the Dungeon. Each and every child from year 4 should be very proud of themselves: their behaviour was impeccable and they showed themselves to be outstanding ambassadors for Bury Grammar School. Well done, Year 4!

To see all of the photos from Robin Wood, click here


Robin Wood Assembly

On Friday morning, the Year 4 parents were entertained by the boys in a special assembly about their recent Robin Wood trip. There were some interesting recounts of their most memorable experiences and some very imaginative drama presentations.


Magnificent Manuscripts

As part of our plague topic, we created our own manuscripts based on 14th Century examples. Our completed books had handmade covers, aged paper and block-printed letters. The Boys then bound their books using brass studs or stitched them together with twine. Book making is something you can easily do at home with little equipment and supported by lots of creative ideas online.


Languages Club – Aufwiedersehen Nadine!

Sadly, this week we have said “Aufwiedersehen” to our super German assistant Nadine. She has been a fabulous addition to our club and has helped to teach the boys about German culture, share German food with them and tonight she has taught us her favourite topic “Harry Potter” … in German of course! We have all had a fun lesson finished off with a Harry Potter song. We wish her the best of luck for the future and say “danke schön für alles!”