What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 28/09/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 28/09/2018

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Star of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Max for an excellent poem full of onomatopoeia.

Year 4 Royal – Theo for excellent behaviour.

Year 5 Emerald – Alexander for transporting us back in time with his writing.

Year 5 Jade – Matthew for excellent effort in maths all week.

Year 6 Burgundy – James for fantastic English work and use of vocabulary.

Year 6 Scarlet – Hakim – Creative suggestions for expanded noun phrases.



Weekly Winners:

Year 3 - Leo - 39

Year 4 - Harry G 18

Year 5 - Hassan 103

Year 6 - Ciaran 60

Termly leaders:

Year 3 - Leo 95

Year 4 - Harry G 62

Year 5 - Ethan W 145

Year 6 - Aditya 123

House competition:

Hulme -32

Howlett - 31.6

Kay - 31.5

Derby - 27


Other News

Author visit

Chris Riddell, the former Children's Laureate, visited our Junior School and Year 7 pupils on Tuesday afternoon.

The children (and staff) were enraptured as he spent an hour drawing on the big screen while sharing anecdotes from his childhood.

A huge thank you must go to Chris, for signing long past his official slot finished, and also to Macmillan Publishing and Madeleine Lindley for making the visit possible.

Hopefully your children will be inspired to pick up a pen or pencil and start creating!

Chess challengers

From our youngest to eldest Junior Boys, the children work hard to test their opponents skills, applying tactics which will hopefully improve their chess abilities.

In Chess Club, we are all along a spectrum of different chess knowledge, but one thing is true for us all, we are all willing to play, learn and challenge one another.


Rebellion against the Romans

Boudica inspires a rebellion against the invading Romans.

At the battlefield of 4 Royal, huge numbers of Celts are defeated by the superbly trained Romans.


Unbelievable Berlin

Year 3 boys joined the Year 3 girls to learn about how Berlin changed overnight from being a single city into two communities separated by the Berlin Wall and then after 27 years became a single city once again.

The children had a fabulous time pretending to be members of families separated in East and West Berlin and showed super acting skills whilst portraying the emotions felt by these people.

They showed great empathy and were truly surprised that the wall had once existed.


Maths Success

We have been celebrating Maths success in year 5 with the first two boys achieving their Bronze maths badges for knowing instant recall of 2s, 5s and 10 times tables and associated division facts.

TT rockstars is a great way to hone those vital skills and then go for gold with the maths badges.


Bacteria Growth

Year 5 enjoyed a great experience exploring the growth of bacteria over in the Boys' Senior School Biology laboratory.

The boys used agar plates to see how much bacteria would grow from a dirty and then 'clean' hand.

There were some very surprising results! Ask your boys to tell you all about it.



Do you do Judo? The answer could be yes as the boys were given a thrilling demonstration of the skills they could learn in Judo lessons.

Letters are available for boys to sign up for these classes with an experienced coach.


Egg drop

A perculiar site in the Girls’ Junior School playground this week, children from Engineering club on the hunt for equipment to use to help save their new pet egg from its horrific end - the 2 metre cement drop.

Armed with 2 pieces of A3 card, unlimited string and half a metre of sellotape, the boys had learned a lesson from last week and collected other outdoor equipment too- even a cone!



Friday saw the first under eleven football fixture of the season as the boys played the first group stage of the AJIS Cup.

Following a long journey to Macclesfield, the boys took on Westholme and hosts King's Macclesfield.

Despite a good initial performance, featuring three fine saves from keeper Ayaanali, the boys slipped to a 0-2 defeat against the hosts.

Westholme were up next, in a make or break game, with the boys needing a win to progress into the next round.

A comprehensive 8-0 win, with a hat-trick from Oliver meant that the boys will be in the next round.

Well done Benji Sutcliffe who has been awarded his half marathon Junior parkrun wristband.

He has now completed 12 junior (2k) park runs and 16 (5k) park runs in total.