What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 29/06/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 29/06/2018


Boys of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week: 

Year 3 Gold - Yonies, for a huge improvement in creative writing this year.

Year 4 Royal - Sonny, for being organised and always ready to learn.  

Year 4 Navy - Harry, for good use of language during Science investigations.

Year 5 Emerald - Alex, for showing consideration for the feelings of others in the class.

Year 5 Jade - Samuel, for an excellent performance in verse speaking.

Year 6 Burgundy - Burgundy, for excellent effort learning their assembly and teamwork in Rivington.  

Year 6 Scarlet - Scarlet, for excellent effort learning their assembly and teamwork in Rivington.  




This Saturday, we took part in the Bury Athletics Tournament. The boys showed excellent sportsmanship, clapping for their team and cheering on the different competitors. Well done for making the extra effort to compete over the weekend gentlemen, we managed to come away with a few silver medals.

Cricket Final

The AJIS pairs cricket final took place this week against Kirkham Grammar School. BGSB batted first, posting a decent target of 230 runs. Kirkham came back well and needed just two off the last over. It came down to the final ball, with KGS needing one run for victory. The stumps were struck and the bails came off but the KGS runner was adjudged to have made it into his crease. KGS won by a single run in one of the most dramatic finishes to a final for many years. All the boys deserved huge congratulations and we are proud of each and every one of them. You learn more from a narrow loss than from victory and we all know how well they did.

Other Events

A Tree-mendous Time!

Year 3 had fun exploring Heaton Park on Wednesday, visiting the area around Heaton Hall, followed by braving the high nets at Treetop Trek, a picnic lunch and finally the Animal Centre. They had a great time and will be putting the trip to good use next week, when they design an information leaflet to advertise this wonderful local attraction during English lessons. Well done on your good behaviour Year 3!

Science Selfie Week

This week has been Science selfie week in the Junior School, with lots of parents sending in pictures of your child taking part in a Science experiment at home. We kicked this off in the Junior School with an experiment on the playground, an explosion of Mentos and Diet Coke; asking the children for feedback on how to improve our results. Stay tuned next week to find out what else we did during Science Selfie Week.

Year 6 Trip to Rivington

The sun shone upon the Year 6 as they ventured to Rivington on Tuesday for their school trip. Luckily, we were able to be well sheltered and mostly under the trees as we hunted for our orienteering posts, mastering our map reading skills and team building. Of course, the trip was filled with the usual funny stories, such as clambering through the long grass.

Inventive Victorians

In Year 5, we have been studying some of the fantastic inventions that were created during the Victorian Era. We have started creating our own music hall inspired poems to help advertise these world-changing products such as the lightbulb, petrol motorcar and the telephone! We have had lots of fun trying to find rhyming words, alliteration and persuasive phrases that will convince readers to invest in this new technology. The telephone? That invention certainly rings a bell.