What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 03/05/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 03/05/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!

House Music

Well done to all of the girls who took part in the House Music Heats this week.

There were over 100 performances in 11 different categories over two days.

It was a pleasure to watch so many girls overcome their nerves and rise to the challenge of performing.

The standard was incredibly high and in many classes, choosing the winner was very difficult.

The following girls won their class and will go on to perform again on May 14th in the final:

Claire P - Y3/4 piano
Claudia B - Bonilla - Y3/4 strings
Olivia V - Y3/4 ww/brass
Isabelle O - Y3/4 singing
Maryam A and Harriet L - Y3/4 ensemble
Lucy M Y3/4 - other

Emma Y - Y5/6 piano
Scarlett - Y5/6 strings
Grace S - Y5/6 ww/brass
Pheobe S - Y5/6 singing
Lydia O and Alice F Y5/6 ensemble.

All junior girls will watch the finals performances on May 14th at 9am in the Infant School Hall. Parents are very welcome to attend this event also.

We look forward to hearing our talented Young Musicians perform again and the adjudication of the Junior Girls' Young Musicians of the Year Competition.

Year 3

It’s been another exciting week for Year 3.

Entrants into many categories of the House Music Competition eagerly performed. Girls split into a chosen ‘animal themed arts and craft’ session to create novel models / paintings that will be displayed and judged at the May Gala and for their first time, the Year 3 girls took their place in the parade and service on Founders’ Day. Momentous occasions like the latter, will stay in their memories for many years to come.

Year 4

The year is 1066, Edward the Confessor is dying and he’s asked Harold Godwinson to take over the throne.

But Harold’s claim is under threat from three powerful men: William, Duke of Normandy, Harald Hardrada, the King of Norway and Edgar the Atheling, Edward’s nephew. To introduce the new topic, ‘1066’ the Year 4 children got into role as Harold and his challengers. Backed by a council of advisers (the Witan), each challenger and Harold presented their claim to the throne. The children were given time to find out who the challengers were, where they came from and what their claim to the throne was, then in their group, they presented their case to persuade the Witan that they should be King. An interesting discussion followed with thought provoking questions and points proposed by the children before the Witan came to their decision.

Year 5

Year 5 have been absorbed in a Junior-wide project creating labels for our ‘Bury 450’ art exhibition, celebrating Victoria Wood.

The children thought about what made them happy – these ideas ranged from ‘playing with my friends’ to ‘justice and fairness’. The second part of the activity required the children to think a little more deeply and to consider what they would say to someone who was feeling sad. The children demonstrated their positive outlooks on life, referring to rainbows, sunshine and happiness that everyone has within them. Having decided upon their sentences, they printed a range of letters in a variety of fonts and cut them out individually to stick upon their label. The children cannot wait to see them as part of the completed exhibit and look forward to being a part of our school’s history.

Year 6

Year 6 took advantage of the better weather and moved their maths lessons outside.

They recapped long division and multiplication and had lots of exercise too. They thoroughly enjoyed using the new Outdoor Maths Boxes funded by the Parents’ Association.