What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 07/06/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 07/06/2019

Year 3

Our Heroes and Villains topic this term sees us move from Greek heroes to those infamous characters in Peter Pan. 

The girls loved debating whether Peter Pan is a hero for helping the Lost Boys or a villain for encouraging Wendy and her brothers to fly away with him? Could a character be both a hero and a villain at the same time? 

In English this week we focused on the topic of benefits and downsides of the railways when were first built. What impact might the railway have on the canals? What might happen to people’s land? How might farmers feel about Britain’s change of focus from farming to manufacturing? The girls ‘met’ George Stephenson and delightedly asked him questions when interviewing him.

Year 4

The Year 4 girls have been really enjoying their work on 1066. 

They have learned a lot from video clips that took them through the events of the Battle of Hastings. It was almost as if they were there! Then they carefully studied and sequenced images of the Bayeux tapestry. They were amazed by the size and complexity of the amazing piece of historical art. To end their work on the unit, they attempted to create their own versions of parts of the Bayeux tapestry which they managed really well and were very proud of!

Year 5

To launch our new topic, ‘Time Traveller’, Year 5 were pleased to welcome back Valerie Woodward to the Junior School. 

Miss Woodward was the Head of the Girls’ Junior School for fifteen years, from 1988, and inevitably oversaw significant changes in BGSG during that time. The ‘main event’ was in 1997 with the big move from ‘Bury Preparatory Department’ (now known as the MFL corridor) to the new site on the opposite side of the playground. Year 3 joined in the move and thus ‘Bury Grammar School Girls, Junior School’ was born.  Miss Woodward told girls about changes in lessons that have occurred and also the uniform. She closed her talk reminding the children that it is also important that some things don’t change – we continue to be a caring school where girls thrive, are challenged and support each other; clearly a very happy place to learn.

Year 6

Before the half term holiday, Year 6 participated in Bikeability. 

All of the children achieved their Level 2 by learning how to cycle safely on single lane roads. They learnt how to negotiate different junctions and to recognise hazards. The sun shone and a great time was had by all. The instructors commented at how well the children listened to instructions and how keen they were to learn a new skill.

Year 6 have also been competing in the UK-RAS Robotics competition to celebrate Robotics Week. They have been using the latest AR technology to support STEM learning objectives and making use of their programming skills.