What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 11/01/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 11/01/2019

Year 3

This week, Year 3 girls and boys joined together to recreate their very own clay models of Stonehenge.

As part of the new Humanities topic ‘Tribal Tales’, the pupils have already retold the story of Stone Age Boy, explored historical timelines, discovered how archaeologists work and followed the six steps to make their own version of the famous monument.

New year means new beginnings and Year 3 girls have come back with excitement to see their friends again but also with lots of energy to develop their skills and knowledge. Many have already started work on their targets set at the end of last term, delightedly being able to demonstrate improvements in handwriting and the recall of times tables, to name but two.

Keep it up, girls!


Year 4

The girls were very excited as we went over to the Infant Hall to launch our new Cornerstones topic, ‘Playlist,’ with our own special concert performed by our amazing peripatetic music staff.

We were introduced to the names of all the instruments and the ranges of pitch that they have.

They especially enjoyed clicking along in time to ‘The Pink Panther’, so much so, that many of the girls are now wishing to become double bass players. One child said, “I don’t know what my mum will say. I will be learning four instruments now, if I learn double bass.”

We were very impressed by the skills of the flautist, Mrs Tristram, as she performed a short section of the ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’. She told us that it is very important to practise so you can perform such difficult pieces; the more you practise, the more your muscle memory develops enabling quicker progress.


Year 5

We have an infestation of mini-beasts in Year 5! We need to create a super bug to get rid of them – and fast.

This half term, as part of our topic, ‘Beast Creator’, the girls will be learning about mini-beasts. The girls have already enjoyed following instructions to make origami flies and beetles and new, colourful – not to mention glittery - species have emerged.

They have also been team-building by playing games of ‘Beetle’.

The children will be carrying out insect hunts, classifying creatures and building bug hotels very soon; they are looking forward to finding out more about creepy crawlies both locally and across the world. Mission: to rid ourselves of the infestation!


Year 6

Year 6 have been starting their new computing topic by learning all about networks.

They have created their own virtual networks in the classroom and learnt how messages are sent via the routers they have at home.

Year 6 Fast Maths group have been measuring standard and non-standard items; we then multiplied to find measurements for millions of the item. We discussed how accurate our measurements would be and how we could make them more accurate. We also presented our answers with three different units, converting between the amounts.