What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 11/05/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 11/05/2018


Individual Competition

Year 6 - Charlie (54)

Year 5 - Evan (100)

Year 4 - Sammy (105)

Year 3 - Shahryar (57)

House Competition

Derby - 40

Kay - 39

Howlett - 33

Hulme - 31

Boys of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Boy of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Adam L, for consistently super Science work.

Year 4 Royal - Ronnie, for improved pace in Maths.

Year 4 Navy - Ben, for an excellent presentation of research on Hawaii.

Year 5 Emerald – Rocco, for consistently excellent effort in Maths and English.

Year 5 Jade – Joe, for good effort during his writing on Theseus and the Minotaur.

Year 6 Burgundy – William F, for excellent role playing during Baddies and Barristers!

Year 6 Scarlet – Evan, for some superb decimal calculations in Maths


The U11 Cricket Team played their first game of the season this week as the overcame St. Bede’s in the AJIS Pairs Cricket competition.

Batting first the boys scored 253 in their innings with Andrew scoring twelve in one over with a huge straight six followed by an impressive four with the very next ball.

Tight bowling from Evan, Joe and Ayaanali then restricted the visitors to 234 as Bury came out on top by 19 runs.

An excellent start for the team and we look forward to the next round after the half term break.

Other Events

Interest in the plague continues to spread

We continue to explore the plague in Year 5 as part of our topic work. The boys really have got on board with the gory side of this topic as well as developing their historical, geographic and research skills. In this lesson we sorted possible causes of the plague into yes, no and maybe piles before discussing them as a group and deciding which were key factors.

Languages Club

Continuing from Baddies and Barristers day, the boys in German club created ‘Gesucht’ (Wanted) posters for themselves highlighting their dastardly deeds. Interpol themselves would be most impressed with their efforts and by using them would surely capture the criminals.

Baddies & Barristers - the verdict is in!

Baddies & Barristers from Bury Grammar Schools on Vimeo.

Crime hit the heart of the Junior School this week when the boys’ football kit was deliberately ruined, splattered with paint from the Art room. It quickly became obvious that none of the boys could have committed this heinous crime…it was a member of staff!

Working in their houses, the boys conducted a series of investigations to eliminate various suspects. The tasks included hair and fingerprint analysis, code breaking, height conversions, puzzle solving and genetic fingerprinting. There was even video ‘evidence’ from some Year 6 boys that was played on the big screen.

Once the evidence was collated, the boys filed into the hall where our suspects, Mrs Melia, Mr Sheikh and Mr Robson, were accused and led to the dock. Each House Captain and Sports Captain gave evidence (swearing to tell the truth on a copy of Oliver Twist) before providing their evidence. Suspects took the stand to plead innocence, but in the end, the boys used their forensic skills correctly to point the finger at just one culprit…Mr Robson. When he was taken to the stocks he was quoted as saying, ‘I would have got away with it, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids!’

The afternoon saw Year 2 visiting the Junior School for their transition visit and they carried out a similar range of activities that had been adapted for them. They then got to play the part of the jury and give their evidence to the judge, correctly convicting the afternoon’s suspect, Mr Sheikh. They gleefully led him to the stocks and pelted him with rotten apples before each boy took home their own fingerprint on a keyring, as a souvenir.

Well done boys, the streets will certainly be safer if you go on to pursue careers in law and criminal justice!