What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 12/07/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 12/07/2019

Year 3

Well done to Year 3 on such a successful start to the Juniors!

It’s lovely to see how they’ve grown, not just in height or progress academically, but also in their confidence. We have loved all things new this year: embracing new books to read, dances to times tables, watching chicks hatch and then getting to hold them a week later and going on our first residential trip with school. All great preparation for Year 4 which, I can honestly say, they are all ready for. We finished by wishing each other a great summer of fun and remembered all the ways to stay safe at the same time. A great year has definitely been had by this super set of Year 3 girls.

Year 4

The girls in Year 4 have continued to work hard even though it is the last week of the summer term.

Having planned a road trip around America in Humanities, the girls have been creating a booklet to advertise their route. They have also very much enjoyed sharing their research on the Iroquois with each other. Some pieces of work were presented most imaginatively.

As the girls reflect on their time as Year 4, it is clear that there is much to celebrate and to be proud of. In Humanities alone they all passed their military training to be enrolled as Roman soldiers, consolidated their learning about the formation of mountains using cake and clay, composed a class playlist and made their own instruments, organised and ran a Viking and Anglo-Saxon trade fair, created their version of the Bayeux tapestry and planned a holiday of a lifetime. It has been a pleasure to teach you, Year 4; well done!

Year 5

Year 5’s highlight this week has been the much-anticipated treat of Toy Story 4.

And a well-deserved treat it was too. The children have worked so hard this year and accomplished so much. Lots of challenging books have been read – ‘Book Journal’ marking has been the teachers’ favourite, as we can see the children progress not only in their reading but also in their recount writing skills and comprehension. The girls have challenged themselves with classics such as ‘Anne of Green Gables’, ‘Black Beauty’, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank,’ to name but three - and have really enjoyed them and then recommended them to their friends. Reading really is the magic wand to excellent English work and we hope that the children have been inspired to develop their love of reading further, not just as they progress into Year 6, but far beyond, into the future. Enjoy a good book, Year 5; keep reading!

Year 6

What an exciting week it has been in Year 6! The Leaver’s Disco was full of dancing, singing and laughter.

Thank you to the Boys School who organised this. Everyone looked amazing and had a fabulous time.

We also had our Prize Giving this week. It is always a special time for the Year 6 girls where they start to say their “goodbyes” but look ahead to the Senior School and all of the new opportunities awaiting them. As our Leaver’s Song said, “Look out, ‘cos here we come!”

Goodbye, Year 6; you’ve been amazing!

Congratulations to Frankie D (in form 6R) who competed in London last weekend with her team 'City of Salford' in a national event for synchronised swimming.

They won the bronze position for the Under 15 category in the Combo Cup. We are all very impressed that Frankie has done so well, especially competing against girls much older than herself. We look forward to hearing more about her achievements in the future!