What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 15/02/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 15/02/2019

We held a wonderful Informal Concert for our Junior Girls and Infant Schools, where every infant and junior girl had the opportunity to perform and celebrate together. 

Every year group performed to their peers along with super performances from Buzz Club, Year 1 Choir, Year 3/4 Choir and Year 5/6 Choir (other extra-curricular groups will perform at other opportunities in the coming months).

Below is a list of performances

Reception - A cat sat on a mat
Year 1 - The bear went over the mountain
Year 2 - Build it HIgh
Year 3 - Stone Age Rock
Year 4 - Wonderwall
Year 5 - Buzzy Bee
Year 6 - Down in the jungle

Buzz Club - Two at Twightlight
Year 1 choir - Down by the Bay
Year 3/4 choir - Cape Cod Chanty
Year 5/6 choir - How Far I'll Go

Year 3

Year 3 have had a super-creative week making their own clay coil pots and stone age village models. They enjoyed the Year 6 sharing their research projects with them on the Galapagos Island animals and have taken part in a dynamic show highlighting the importance of a growth mindset.

The excitement culminated in the science topic, ‘Rocks and Soils’ when the children investigated the permeability of different soils. This included measuring, observing, collecting data and analysing the results. Each group presented its findings using scientific language. The children were challenged to consider if their findings were similar or different. Why might that be? How can we know which results are accurate? What conclusions can they draw about the permeability of different types of soil?


Year 4

On Monday, Year 4 were invaded by an army of 28 robots. Each one unique and each made with great creativity and imaginative flair. The girls certainly put their junk modelling skills to good effect and had obviously had great fun with their designs. The classes enjoyed listening to each other explain how they had made their robots and demonstrating its capabilities. One robot moved and sang, several included electric circuits and some were almost bigger than the girls themselves. We were very impressed by the girls’ hard work and their achievements.

Continuing with the theme of robots the Year 4 girls have also explored the writing process as they created a fantasy adventure about a robot. This was the culmination of their work on Ted Hughes’ story, ‘The Iron Man’. The girls have worked hard planning, writing, editing and peer-editing. Finally, they read their story aloud to a ‘celebrity’ before handing it in to be marked.


Year 5

Year 5 are continuing to struggle with a mutant-aphid infestation but now have a plan to get rid of them. With a little selective breeding, some imagination and much papier-mâché, some super-sized aphid predators have been created. The girls have designed their not-so-mini-beasts by considering the most useful features which enable natural aphid predators to capture their prey. They have thought about the classification of their new creature and endeavoured to reflect this in the construction process. Having seen the final creatures, (which are amazing, brilliantly constructed and very, very scary) we can only hope that we are not overrun!


Year 6

All of Year 6 visited the Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum to support our topic this half term called ‘Darwin’s Delights’. At the Art Gallery we discovered how to draw without lines, shade to show light and use our eyes to draw what we actually see. At the Manchester Museum we studied human evolution and learned how fossils provide evidence of evolution. We also looked at extinct and endangered creatures to help further our work on the ‘Innovate’ board.



Congratulations to all the girls who have represented School in a busy few weeks of sport. Many girls have had the opportunity to represent the School at the AJIS Indoor Athletics (sadly cut short due to the inclement weather), the AJIS Football Tournament and most notably, the Bury Junior Schools’ Swimming Championships where we awarded first place and became the Swimming Champions 2019.


Well done to all of the girls who helped to raise over £180 for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.