What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 19/04/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 19/04/2019

Year 3

Grinding corn, playing ancient board games, identifying artefacts and moulding our own scarab beetles were just some of the exciting activities archaeologist Adrian Worrell guided us through.

His talk captivated the girls as he unpacked his crate of Ancient Egyptian items and allowed the children to handle them. 

The next day, the girls re-enacted the embalming processes which included Canopic jars and pretend body parts.

Needless to say, the loved the gory detail.

Year 4

After a relaxing Easter holiday, Year 4 were straight back to working hard this week.

On Monday, the girls were challenged to plan and to organise an Anglo-Saxon and Viking Trade Fair. C

ollaborating in groups as either bakers, potters, weavers, ship builders or jewellery makers the girls produced wares that they could trade at the fair.

Prior to this, the girls researched the particular skills needed to create their wares so that the designs were as authentic as possible. 

Having completed their topic on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Year 4 are looking forward to learning about what happened after 1066.

Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about Mesopotamia as part of our Ancient Civilisation week.

They were fascinated to learn that it was from this part of the world we have gained our system of time-telling and that algebra was invented there too.

The girls studied the earliest type of writing – cuneiform – and had a go at imprinting their names using this ancient lettering system on a salt-dough slab.

They investigated music, food and architecture and made  superb efforts to design and construct the city gates of Baghdad.

Year 6

Before the holidays, the Year 6 girls enjoyed taking part in the ‘Biscuit Project’.

They carried out market research in the form of a tasting, then they carefully selected a recipe and adapted it to their tastes. They worked together as a team to create their bake, carefully weighing out ingredients and following the recipe.

Finally, they chose a company name and developed a logo to help advertise their product. It was a lovely way for the girls to develop their skills in working co-operatively (and the finished biscuits were delicious!).