What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 23/11/2018

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 23/11/2018

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!


Year 3

In science this week, Year 3 investigated how much sugar soft drinks have in them.

They learnt how to read the nutritional label on the cans / bottles, and put the drinks in order of least sugar content to most. Water is definitely the healthiest option. We are certainly enjoying our topic ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’! We’ve observed chocolate turn to liquid when heated, and then solidify when cooling, after dipping strawberries into them, giving us a tasty treat too!


Year 4

Whilst exploring the ways in which mountains are formed, the girls in Year 4 had great fun applying and consolidating their knowledge by creating 3 dimensional clay versions. The class then guessed which type of mountain had been modelled based on the features moulded in the clay. I have really enjoyed reading about the mountaineers that the girls have researched and I look forward to seeing their posters on mountain sports.

The girls have also had fun planning their spooky stories by torch light in the dens that they had built to create a more authentic writing environment.


Year 5

This week 5A have been designing and making poppies as part of their ‘Fallen Fields’ topic.

They were able to choose their materials and practise their sewing techniques to complete their fabulous works of art. They no longer have an excuse for not sewing a button onto their clothes themselves! The girls have also been busy creating newspapers to outline the causes of the First World War.


Year 6

Gracie and Zoe were lucky enough to meet David Walliams at Waterstones in Manchester. He signed his new book for them and even gave them a chocolate!

Fire and Rescue Training Centre trip

On Thursday, Year 6 went to the Fire and Rescue Training Centre for the day. This is a facility where fire fighters are trained and is now noted as one of the best in Europe.

They learned life-saving skills such as how to make a 999 call, how to prevent house fires, what to do if a fire has already started and how to perform CPR. We had a lot of fun but also learned some incredibly valuable lessons.

‘Blood Heart’ Topic Work

Linking to our topic, ‘Blood Heart’, we have been studying the digestive system. We mimicked the human digestive system by pretending plastic bags were our stomachs and old tights our intestines.

We also learnt how to dissect a heart in the Senior School. We looked at blood vessels under a microscope and created biological drawings from it.