What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 30/11/2018

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 30/11/2018

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!


Year 3

Our learning has certainly been ‘Scrummdiddlyumptious’ again this week as Year 3 baked chocolate delights, following a recipe. In class, not only did Mrs Daley get to enjoy a taste of many of their creations, the girls explored where the cocoa beans are grown, and discovered the journey it takes from trees to treats. If that didn’t get our mouths watering, reading Roald Dahl’s descriptions of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory certainly did. Our guided reading sessions have left us wanting more, delighting us in the fun escapades of the five lucky ticket winners.


Year 4

This week in Year 4 we have been exploring how height is represented as contour lines on maps. Having zoomed in on Google Earth to circumnavigate Peel Tower and Harcles Hill, the girls compared these 3 dimensional images with the 2 dimensional representations on a map. In order to gain a better understanding of contour lines we chopped a potato in half and created our own hills. After carefully measuring in centimetre intervals and placing dots regularly around the potato, the girls joined the dots to create a set of contour lines around their potato hill. Finally, they looked down from above and copied what they saw from a bird’s eye view - and all of this in their pyjamas!


Year 5

Year 5 teamed up this week with the Year 5 boys to visit Manchester, to conclude their work on Medieval times.

Following the tram trip, we split into groups to visit the John Rylands library where, using ‘real’ tools the children learned how to make books using traditional methods. The finished articles looked very professional. The other activity was a visit to the medieval buildings at Chetham’s School of Music. Here, the children were fascinated by the ancient library, housing many rare, and some very large, books and also an early printing press.

Chetham’s library was the first library to be established in the North of England and many of the books were still chained up to prevent theft. The children also saw close-up, some ancient illuminated manuscripts which included beautiful illustrations and paintings. A really super day!


Year 6

Mrs Booth’s class came to visit Ben and Jerry, the Year 6 tortoises. They learnt lots of information and even got to give them a little tickle!

This week it was 6 Crimson’s Class Assembly. It was all about friendship. It started with 18 languages, then moved onto the Great British Bake Off. They then transformed themselves into crayons and finally a dance-off to the theme tune to “Friends.”


Music Awards


Junior girls received their music Award badges in assembly this week. Celebrating commitment and dedication to activities such as Junior Orchestra, Choirs, recorder groups and Y3 strings, girls have their brand new badges to wear with their uniforms. More girls are due to receive badges in the coming weeks as their ongoing participation shows a full level of commitment to their activities. Well done girls!