What's been happening in the Infant School - 01/03/2019

What's been happening in the Infant School - 01/03/2019

Assembly Awards

Well done to this week's awards winners in Assembly!



During the third century, the ruling Roman emperor, Claudius Augustus, was frustrated that his Roman soldiers were reluctant to leave their wives and children and fight for him. As a result, he banned all marriages. Valentine was a Roman priest who secretly married couples. When Claudius found out, Valentine was imprisoned. In prison he fell in love with his jailor’s blind daughter, Julia. On the day that Valentine died he wrote Julia a letter and signed it from ‘your Valentine’. He died on February 14th. Reception were intrigued by this story and an interesting discussion followed. It was decided that we would like to make and send cards to our loved ones. 

The children used paint and tooth brushes to flick a spotty design on their cards. They were thoroughly engaged exploring with the colours, working through the process and taking pleasure in the outcome. We discussed the traditional rhyming verses in cards and made one up of our own.
Roses are red, violets are blue,

Thank you so much for all that you do.


Year 1

We have started off the term as we mean to go on. The children have all returned eager to continue their learning. We have new topics to explore and we look forward to sharing our ideas and outcomes with you. The children have enjoyed exploring Buckingham Palace via a virtual tour this week. This is part of our ‘Big Lights, Big City’ topic. They looked at the different rooms and the amazing décor that it holds. They looked at different royal wedding photographs and decided which rooms the photographs were taken in. Their computer skills are really developing. Well done, Year 1!


Year 2

Year 2 have kick started our Spring 2 topic called ‘Bounce,’ this week. Over the course of this half term we will be looking at the properties of different materials, different sporting activities and how they have developed over time, the effect of exercise on our bodies and carrying out fair tests. 

We took a variety of balls, hoops and different projectiles outside onto the field. We investigated which bounced, which we could throw the furthest and which could roll. We discussed making sure our tests were fair and the different factors that could affect them. The children found out lots and had great fun!