What's been happening in the Infant School - 21/06/2019

What's been happening in the Infant School - 21/06/2019

Stars of the Week

Well done to this week's Stars of the Week!


Reception watched the weather forecast closely every day in anticipation of our trip to Blackpool Zoo.

We dressed ‘for the weather’ and were a bit worried as the heavy rain hammered against the coach windows all the way to the zoo. However, when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised as the rain had completely cleared up and the weather stayed dry for us all day. The children enjoyed seeing the sea lion show, the elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas and much more. It won’t be zoo animals that the children will remember the most, or even the huge plastic dinosaurs, it will be the local scavengers... the seagulls, arguing over a dropped sandwich (fortunately not one of ours). We ate in the safety of the ‘Darwin’ classroom and talked excitedly about all the wonderful creatures we had seen.

Year 1

‘Please bring a smelly sock into school’ isn’t the normal request on a letter sent home from Bury Grammar!

However, the Year 1 teachers sent this email.

The children washed these socks in a dolly tub using a posser, dolly leg and wash board before squeezing them dry through a mangle. The children’s topic this half term is ‘Memory Box,’ looking back at how things have changed within living memory.

We are encouraging the children to speak to their grandparents and ask what it was like when they were children and what it was like for their great grandparents.

Year 2


Last week, the children from Year 2 were busy thinking about the environment.

As part of our topic, ‘Wriggle and Crawl’, the Year 2 children have been thinking about how we could re-develop our pond area, which has been a little neglected recently. The children visited the pond to see what was already there, drew their own designs and thought carefully about what the wildlife would need to thrive there. Once they had created their designs, they wrote about why their changes would be successful. Following this, six children, along with their designs, were taken to meet with Jane Stevens, the school Bursar. They presented their plans and discussed them with Mrs Stevens. The children presented themselves very well and even got to have cake! We’re looking forward to getting started on our project.