Year 10 pupils take part in PSHE/HPQ day

Year 10 pupils take part in PSHE/HPQ day

On Wednesday 6 March, our Year 10 pupils had their timetable suspended for the day to take part in PSHEE and HPQ sessions. 

During the day pupils learned about risky behaviour amongst young people and how they can manage the risks and deal with the consequences. 

They also learned about legal and illegal substances and were surprised to learn that volatile substances causes more deaths amongst 10-15 year olds than all other illegal substances together. 

Later in the day Mrs Marie McKittrick delivered a session to the girls about breast and cervical cancer and she challenged all girls not only to check their own breasts, but to encourage family members to do the same. 

The pupils later learned that breast cancer is one of the most common cancer types and that early detection can save lives. 

At the same time the boys learned about male cancer with Mrs Howard and Mr Newbury, focusing mainly on testicular cancer, which is most common in young men aged 15-35.

They learned about signs of testicular cancer, how to detect them and what to do if they notice any changes. 

In the afternoon we welcomed Lindy Power from Teenage Cancer Trust who spoke to the pupils about different types of cancer, myths about cancer, signs and symptoms and the important work done by the charity in supporting young people and their families when a teenager is diagnosed with cancer. 

The pupils handled these important and sensitive issues in a very mature and sensible way and have taken away some essential life skills.