Year 12 students reflect on their 2018/19 year

Year 12 students reflect on their 2018/19 year

As this school year draws to a close, our Year 12 students have reflected upon their academic, pastoral and extra-curricular experience in the Sixth Form at Bury Grammar School this year.

Scarlet K says: "My past year in Sixth Form has been an exciting journey; I have thoroughly enjoyed studying new subjects such as Psychology, Economics and am looking forward to completing my studies next year. A highlight of not only mine, but everyone's year, was being given the opportunity to become prefects and I feel as though everyone has excelled in their roles."

Harvey F says: “The past year in the Sixth Form has been entertaining to say the least. I have enjoyed studying new subjects such as Economics and am looking forward to continuing the course next year. Additionally, I have enjoyed the early stages of life as Deputy Sports Captain for the Boys school and am excited for what future endeavours the role will bring in the 450th anniversary of the school. Independence is what I believe has made this year a great experience for everyone, whether it is a greater sense of freedom in studies or being given the chance to make importance decisions within the school.”

Emily J says: "Throughout this year I have taken on the role of Chair of Sixth Form, this enables me to work alongside my peers in order to make the Sixth Form the best possible experience it can be. I have also thoroughly enjoyed studying my A Level subjects especially Psychology and I am looking forward to see what next year has in store for me. My friends have always given me support, whether it be in studies or in lessons and this has made the year more enjoyable as a whole; teachers have always helped me to be the best possible form of myself and guided me when it gets tough."

George A says: "As a busy first year in the sixth form winds to an end, we have been reflecting on our personal highlights throughout the year. For myself, being appointed School Captain stands out as I worked very hard for this role and I believe it is a great opportunity for me to improve my confidence and leadership skills. Myself and the deputy school captain, Josh have already been involved in a number of school events ranging from prizegivings to lunches with the governors and we are very much looking forward to what the roles will bring next year."

Molly H says: "I have really enjoyed the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 as studying three subjects I love, meeting new people and taking on the extra responsibility as Head of Charities have been incredibly exciting. One of my personal highlights of the year was the Rhys Davies Mock Law Trial back in November, being an advocate compiling prosecution examinations of witnesses and being able to perform the case in a real court was a very memorable experience. Overall, I have had a very good start to the Sixth Form and cannot wait for Year 13."