Year 5 York Residential Update

Year 5 York Residential Update

Dear Parents

I am sure that some of you are concerned with regard to the current weather and conditions with regard to the residential that departs at 10am tomorrow.

I have contacted our coach travel company, Tranzcare, who currently have a number of coaches out today. They are reporting back on road conditions and will continue to assess on an ongoing basis. Equally, I have consulted with members of the Senior Leadership Team and am continuing to monitor the weather conditions.

The current plan is to make a final decision on Monday morning at 8am but until that time, to plan for the residential going ahead as planned. A tweet will be sent from @BGSBJunior at this point to confirm the decision.

Due to the nature of the trip, could I please ask that warm clothes suitable for walking outside are added to the kit list, as well as a pair of wellington boots, if owned.

Please rest assured that the final decision will be based on as much information as we can glean and will focus upon the safety of the pupils as the primary factor.

Yours sincerely

Mr Turner

Head of Junior School