Year 7 boys write books for three part saga

Year 7 boys write books for three part saga

Three Year 7 boys have written their own books in English, with all coming together as a three part saga.

Jack has written 'Deadly Deal,' while Casey has written 'Noxious Deception' and Max has written 'The Fall of Jake Myers.'

The boys' books are a three part saga called 'Blood and Justice', spanning different time periods in the life of a detective, Jake Myers. The final book follows the detective's daughter, Michelle, as she tries to solve a crime.

The boys studied the stories of Sherlock Holmes and were inspired to write their own novels. They researched the historical time periods in which their novels were set.

Andrew, a talented illustrator in Year 8, was commissioned to illustrate the books.

The books have been bound with a copy for our LRC.