Year 9 Geographers investigate the River Bollin

Year 9 Geographers investigate the River Bollin

On Tuesday 21 May, Year 9 Geographers set off on their field trip to the River Bollin.

The first site was near Macclesfield Forest and the girls looked at land use in this area.

Afterwards, the girls travelled to a site in the middle course where they measured the width, depth, velocity and load shape.

This not only gave the girls the opportunity to see what they had learnt in lessons in the field but also get a bit wet in the process!

After a quick lunch the girls went to Sale Water Park to see how the risk of the River Mersey flooding had been managed.

To finish off the trip, the girls had ice creams in the sun.

Overall, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and gave the girls an opportunity to learn new things as well as having a fun day out in the sun.

Written by Katie B (Year 9)