A Level Physics students visit CERN in Switzerland

A Level Physics students visit CERN in Switzerland

Ten A Level Physics students visited CERN in Switzerland with Mr Curry and Mrs Nicholls from Monday to Wednesday.

The group dropped their bags at the Youth Hostel in Geneva before going for a gentle stroll down to the lake.

The group took a Mouette (shuttle boat) across the lake. They enjoyed a fascinating guided tour around central Geneva including visiting the world’s longest public bench seen here:

After eating at the Youth Hostel the group travelled on the very efficient public transport system using a tram and a bus to go bowling.

The group split into Upper Sixth versus Lower Sixth and a fierce competition ensued. The top score went to the Lower Sixth.

On the morning of the CERN visit, students had a leisurely start before travelling by tram to CERN.

On arrival, the group visited an interactive exhibition before enjoying lunch in the restaurant.

After a talk on the history and aims of CERN our guides took us to visit the ATLAS control room (ATLAS is one of the four massive underground particle detectors) and they watched a three dimension film made during the building of the detectors.

The group finished their afternoon with a trip to the magnet testing laboratory where they gained an appreciation of the technology and size of the Large Hadron Collider and heard of future plans for its upgrade.

Before returning to the Youth Hostel for the evening the group played Laser tag. This time the Upper Sixth triumphed.

On the final morning, they headed back to CERN to visit the Microcosm museum. After that students had some free time to have lunch and to shop for Swiss chocolate before they took a relaxing boat trip on the lake.

Everyone appreciated the sunshine and beautiful views of the snow capped mountains.

The group travelled back to the airport and arrived on time in Manchester with many happy memories!