A Level results 2018 - phenomenal university outcomes

A Level results 2018 - phenomenal university outcomes

Bury Grammar School sixth formers celebrated stellar A Level results, as they achieve the spectacular feat of surpassing last year’s outstanding results at every level – an achievement all the more remarkable in view of the greater intellectual challenges presented by the challenging, reformed linear A Levels.

More than 70% of grades achieved are in the top A*-B categories, the ‘gold standard’ for A Level, which opens so many doors to highly competitive university courses and rewarding careers. Furthermore, for the second year running, more than a third of grades are at the elite A and A * level in our high performing Sixth Form. Thirteen pupils excelled in obtaining a string of A/A* grades and, in total, thirty-four pupils have achieved the gold standard of A*-B in all of their subjects, achievements of which they all should be very proud.

The overall figures are, as always, less important than the individual successes behind them. The students who have worked hard, achieved their personal best and are on the right path to realise their ambitions beyond school, are the real headlines of our Sixth Form.

Phenomenal university outcomes

Many sixth formers have achieved higher grades than they could have hoped for and the vast majority of BGS students will be embarking upon their first choice course at the highest performing universities next month, thanks to expert UCAS and Higher Education advice from our outstanding Sixth Form Team.

A staggering 94% of our students secured a place at their Firm or Insurance choice, with 73% achieving the grades to study at their Firm (first) choice university. Other students have elected to take a gap year, study abroad or embark on highly respected apprenticeships at large accountancy or retail firms.

Expert options advice

Most of us will be aware that a common mistake and one easily made by 16 year olds is to opt for a combination of subjects at A Level which might not play to their strengths. The Bury Grammar Sixth Form cohort of 2018 who are celebrating today benefitted two years ago from astute and well-informed advice from teaching staff who really do understand their academic background and personal aspirations – wise words post GCSE results which ensured they embarked upon the right courses for them at A Level.

Clean sweeps of the gold standard A*-B grades in STEM subjects and in facilitating subjects

While the national picture for girls’ achievements in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) might be the topic of some concern, at Bury Grammar School girls have excelled in Physics, Further Maths and Computing this year, with all results at A*-B.

Results in ‘facilitating subjects’ – those subjects highlighted by top universities as representing the best preparation for university in their view – were impressive in other areas as well, notably French and Spanish, which also enjoyed a clean sweep of grades at the gold standard A*-B.

Fabulous successes once again in the EPQ

Results in the prestigious Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - which provides an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond the A-Level syllabus, encourages independent thought, allows students to hone their research skills and is exceptionally good preparation for university – are excellent. 90% of girls achieved an A or A* in their EPQ and can look forward to their university studies with confidence.

An all-round education – the best preparation for life beyond school

Bury Grammar sixth formers are in the fortunate position of enjoying superb examination results which will stay with them forever. However, this is by no means no the only thing they take away with them from BGS for the rest of their lives. Alongside phenomenal academic success, among our sixth formers are elite sportsmen and women, super talented musicians, Gold Duke of Edinburgh award students and gifted actors who have stunned us in school productions over the years.

What our sixth formers have to say...

Lizzie Drake

I was amazed when I opened my results! I realised I could go to my first choice university, Sheffield. I am going to study Biology and hope to study for a PhD. My love for all things biological has been fuelled during my time at BGS and I will miss being part of such a unique community.


Edward Holt

I’m excited about starting university and entering the next chapter in life. I will miss the teachers at Bury Grammar School and my friends, I want to come back and visit in the future.

Georgia Willetts

My favourite memory from my time at Bury Grammar School has to be this last year as deputy head girl. At university I am most excited for the independence and immersing myself in my course.

Roshan Rajesh

I have so many special memories from my time at Bury Grammar School! I will definitely miss the close family atmosphere. Every single one of my teachers has helped me to achieve my A Level grades and am really grateful for all of their support. To anyone who was thinking of joining Bury Grammar in the future I would say do it, it is amazing.

Eryn Reiss

I was so excited to open my A Level results. It was a relief that all of the hard work paid off. I could not have done it without the support of the Sixth Form team, the advice on my application and the meticulous attention paid to my reference has helped me to gain a place at my dream university studying a subject that I love.


Key University Successes

  • Max Bridge gained 2 A* and 1 A grade and hopes to study Maths and Computer Science.
  • Eryn Reiss also gained 2 A* and 1 A grade and will be going to Durham University to study Modern Foreign Languages.
  • Monisah Ahmed obtained three As and has a place to study Chemistry at the University of Leeds.
  • Olivia Belle gained 1 A and 2 B grades and will be studying Law at Liverpool.
  • Charlotte Carter has 1 A* and 2 As and is going to Durham to study Geography.
  • Ali Chalabi will be reading Medicine at the Charles Medical School, Prague.
  • Alice Cromey gained 2 As and 1 B and will be reading English at Nottingham.
  • Elizabeth Drake has four A grades and is going to Sheffield to read Biology.
  • Zara Dunn-Cassidy obtained 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B and has a place at the University of Leeds to study Business Management.
  • Joe Edgar, School Captain, obtained three A grades and has a place at Warwick University to study History.
  • Daniel Froggatt has two A grades and one B and will be going to Newcastle University to study Politics and Economics.
  • Olivia Hardman gained 2 As and 1 B grade and will be going to Leeds to study Management.
  • Eva Harwood has D*D*D* (triple distinction star – the highest grades possible) in BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport.
  • Gabriel Harlick gained 2 As and 1 B and will be reading History at Lancaster.
  • Lucy Jackson, DSM in the CCF, has three A grades will be studying Earth Sciences at Durham.
  • Alex Kirby has 3 Bs and is going to Liverpool to study Bioveterinary Science.
  • Ananya Majumdar has 3 A grades and 1 B and is reading Computer Science and Mathematics at Edinburgh.
  • Jonathan McCay obtained 1 A* grade and 2 As and will be studying Computer Science at Warwick.
  • Eleanor Mockford gained 1 A* and 2 Bs and is studying Geography at Sheffield University.
  • Elissa Shang obtained 1 A* and 2 Bs and will be going to Leeds to study Neuroscience.
  • Harry Sumner, RSM in the CCF, has won a prestigious scholarship to study Engineering and Architectural Design at University College London, thanks to his A* and two As.
  • Sophie Westhead has 1 A* and 2 As and a place at Aberdeen to study Psychology.
  • Twins, Miles and Ross Wilkins, both achieved excellent results, Miles with 2 As and a C and Ross with 3 As. Both are heading to Leeds for their studies – Miles to read Philosophy and Ross to read Economics.
  • Georgia Willetts, Deputy Head Girl, obtained 3 A grades and will be going to Leeds to read International Business and Spanish.
  • Charlotte Wright has 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B and will be studying Psychology at Newcastle.
  • Gary Yang obtained 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B and will be reading Mathematics at the University of Leeds.