A crucial part of life at Bury Grammar School is sport

A crucial part of life at Bury Grammar School is sport

A crucial part of life at Bury Grammar School is sport.

Sport is key to developing young people who have a sense of team work and the ability to get along. It promotes health including good mental health and compliments effective classroom learning.

Sport imparts the important lesson of team-spirit, and gives boys the experience of working with different people in different situations. It teaches time management as those immersed in sport are often needing to juggle lots of commitments and still meet deadlines. Sport provides the spirit of competition that drives boys to give extra effort.

If sport is inculcated from a very young age, it helps build character and discipline. It gives boys confidence and teaches them to win with humility and lose with dignity. Being actively involved in sport keeps the body functioning and makes it resilient against common ailments, improving attendance and makes boys less prone to diseases such as diabetes and arthritis in later life. A physically active and mentally sharp child is more likely to be better-rested and stress-free and so more likely to enjoy their education and childhood as a whole.

Press articles seem to appear almost weekly about academic pressures causing young people to be depressed but participation in sport helps to reduce anxiety and provide a mentally healthy environment.

At BGSB, the boys’ participation in sports is encouraged throughout the school and is fully integrated into the curriculum for every year group. We have some of the best sports facilities that any school could possibly enjoy and our vision is now to build on this strength and take sport to the next level. Please encourage your sons to participate as fully as possible in the sporting activities that we offer.

Mr D Cassidy, BGSB Headmaster