Bursaries - The Gift of Education

Our Founders’ original aim, which we still strive to achieve, is that a Bury Grammar School education should be available to all bright children, regardless of background or means and we encourage them all to make the most of their abundant and varied talents.

We are extremely proud of our reputation for academic excellence, and in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world it is essential that we equip young people with the skills and attributes which will enable them to be versatile, adaptable and independent, whilst firmly retaining a sense of compassionate humanity.

Bright children thrive by sharing their education with similarly able students in an environment which stretches them to their utmost, by stimulating and encouraging academic ability, creativity, sporting prowess, initiative and entrepreneurial skills.

We must continue to seek new sources of bursary funding if we are to fulfil the ambitions of children whose parents cannot afford our fees. Our resources are limited, and every year there are candidates who are offered places on the basis of their performance in the Entrance Examination, to whom we are unable to offer the means-tested bursaries they deserve. Inevitably, these children are unable to join the BGS family.

The Bursary Scheme brings benefits to individual recipients, the School and the community:

  • The children who benefit from our Bursary Fund are often amongst our highest achievers.
  • In their turn, these talented individuals make a valuable contribution to our society.
  • The Bursary Fund enables a wide social balance within our Schools to the greater good of all.

Our commitment:

  • Applicants for bursaries are rigorously means-tested and home visits ensure that the most deserving children are selected.
  • Bursaries are awarded in order of Entrance Examination and interview performance.


Please help us by making an all-important gift which will create a lifelong opportunity for a young person. The more people who get involved, the more opportunities we can create.

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