BGS announces the winners of Scholarships

BGS announces the winners of Scholarships

Never mind the Oscars... this week Bury Grammar School announced the winners of Scholarships in English, Languages, Maths, Music, Science and Sport as well as the Kay Scholarship for all round academic excellence.

These Scholarships are awarded to our Year 6 pupils who are getting ready for the transition into our Senior School, recognising their abilities and potential in different areas of the curriculum.

The children were all summoned to our Headteachers’ offices, but they were not told the reason for their visit until they were given the envelopes which contained their Scholarships.

Lucy from our Girls’ Junior School explains all about the awarding of the girls’ scholarships, whilst Oliver from our Boys’ Junior School describes his feelings as he walked towards Mr Cassidy’s office and then when he opened his envelope:

Giggling Girls and Glitter….

Lucy said: "As you all know, Year 6 children take the daring step into the Senior School in September to become Year 7s. As you possibly do not know, some of those Year 6 children are awarded Scholarships. Most of the Scholarships are for one subject, except the Kay Scholarship which is a prize for excellent work in ALL subjects. I am proud to say that this year’s Kay Scholar is Grace Street: a worthy winner.

Those of us lucky enough to be chosen were called to Mrs Anderson’s office to be told about our Scholarships. We had no idea why we had to see Mrs Anderson and we all tried to guess. Mrs Hankinson said that it was because we had to do a job for her. Soon though, Mrs Anderson’s office was filled with smiling girls and glitter – lots and lots of shimmering glitter. We were all presented with envelopes and we all opened them at the same time. There was an explosion of glitter and smiles (the smiles were from the girls and the glitter was from the envelopes, just to clarify in case of confusion). As well as glitter, the envelopes contained beautiful cards telling us that we had won the Scholarships.

"We then went out to play and our friends applauded. We all applauded Grace of course. I think all the Scholars, myself included, had a fantastic day from then on and I personally can’t wait for next year to discover who our worthy successors will be."

Oliver M, who was awarded the Sports Scholarship, said: "Walking towards Mr Cassidy's office sent a shiver down my spine. Following Mr Turner - this can't be good. Little did I know this was going to be my proudest moment at BGSB. At the time I thought we were going to be in trouble, but then when I walked in to sir's office he had a radient smile on his face - I could tell this was good news.

"Opening the envelope with my name felt great! What was it? Then I opened it and happiness swept upon me. It was a Sports Scholarship! I saw the confetti. This was the life! I felt a great sense of pride. I was speechless."

Lucy’s article shows the generosity of spirit within our Junior Schools when she describes the lovely reaction of the rest of the Year 6 children in the playground. We are very proud of all our Year 6 children, all of whom excel and all of whom were happy to celebrate the Scholarships together. We are looking forward to Prize Giving in the summer term, when the achievements of the whole year group will be celebrated. In the meantime, well done to all our Scholars!