BGS celebrates stunning GCSE results 2019

BGS celebrates stunning GCSE results 2019

Bury Grammar pupils are picking up a stunning set of GCSE results today: there is an incredible 40% increase in the number of grade 9s (A**) awarded, a third of all results are at grades 9/8 (A*) and 90% of grades are 9-5 (A*-B).

Results are - beyond all expectations - an improvement on last year’s extraordinary grades, making the BGS GCSE pupils of 2019 a group of record breakers.

Results at a glance

  • BGS pupils have gained an astonishing  total of 140 grade 9s (A**) between them this year -  up on the 100 grade 9s achieved in 2018
  • A phenomenal one in seven results is a grade 9 (A**)
  • A third of grades are stellar 8s and 9s (A*)
  • 90% grades are 9-5 (A*-B)
  • 98% grades are 9-4 (A*-C)
  • The majority of BGS pupils have more grades 9-7 (A*-A) on their results slips than any other grades 
  • Results are up on last year across the board
  • There are numerous outstanding individual performances 

The Bury Grammar School community cannot quite believe the extent of the outbreak of grade 9s in this year’s GCSE results: our pupils are stunned to have gained an astonishing 140 grade 9s between them, up on the magnificent 100 grade 9s achieved last year. We are all slowly digesting the news of this 40% increase at the very top level (equivalent to A**) – grades which had previously been thought to be almost beyond reach.

- We are just thrilled that half of BGS pupils are celebrating having gained at least one of those ‘out of reach’ grade 9s today. To put this into context, when a third of our pupils were in the same extraordinary position last year we had thought that to be an unsurpassable feat. Overall, one in seven GCSE results is an ‘impossible’ to attain grade 9.

- In all, a third of grades are 8/9 (A*), another stellar achievement, also up on last year.

- Sixty pupils in total – well over half of this super talented year group - are celebrating having obtained more grades 9-7 (A/A*) than at any other level.

- We are immensely proud that 90% of GCSE results are at grades 9-5 (A*-B), once again representing an increase on last year.

- The 98% pass rate (grades 9-4) is another area in which results show an improvement on 2018.

Exceptional individual performances

We would like to congratulate all our pupils and staff wholeheartedly on these magnificent results. There are some truly ‘record breaking’ performances– but the Bury Grammar community will know that we value and relish the successes of every single one of our pupils. There will be many pupils who will not ‘make the headlines’ today but who have completely outperformed all personal expectations and perhaps faced considerable challenges during their education to date: we are extremely proud of them and their achievements.

A trend of ever improving results with the ‘new’ GCSE

Three- year trends at GCSE at Bury Grammar School show a real strengthening of results across the board – despite us having entered a new era of tougher examinations.

Mrs Jo Anderson, Principal, commented ‘We are thrilled for our pupils that they have done even better than we could ever have hoped and assessments of their ‘raw intelligence’ suggested – their superb performances are thanks to hard work, self-belief, exceptional teaching and unrivalled pastoral support.’

Outstanding departmental results

There are many superb departmental performances in today’s GCSE results. Outstanding levels of academic and pastoral support – manifested in the amount of time colleagues devoted to supporting pupils – have led to some fabulous individual results which won’t necessarily make the headlines.

Reaction from staff

Mrs Jo Anderson, Principal and Headmistress, said, ‘Many congratulations to all our talented pupils and staff who worked so hard together. We simply could not believe the results as they were coming in – in particular the extraordinary number of grade 9s (A**) : all 140 of them! We couldn’t be more proud of our pupils who deserve every success and we can’t wait to see what they might go on to achieve in our Sixth Form. It’s a close contest as to who is more excited today: pupils, parents or staff. As a close knit community, we take genuine delight in this team effort: it is a very proud day indeed for Bury Grammar School.’

Mr Devin Cassidy, Vice Principal and Headmaster, commented, ‘I am absolutely over the moon for our pupils today and their achievements have surpassed all expectations.

It is a real reflection of the hard work put in by the pupils and their teachers and an endorsement of the support which their parents have provided. Indeed, it is no surprise that when this three-way partnership works, it results in amazing success and we are all very proud of being associated with Bury Grammar School today.’

Miss Sam Cawtherley, Head of Year 11 (Boys), noted, ‘The boys' results are excellent and all of the boys should feel very proud; they include some particularly impressive individual performances where the boys have overcome personal challenges to achieve incredible results.’

Miss Uzma Imtiaz, Head of Year 11 (Girls), said, ‘Many heartfelt congratulations to all the girls in Year 11. You should all be thoroughly pleased with your accomplishments - well done!’

Mrs Holly Hammond, Head of Sixth Form, added, ‘Today is truly one of celebration at Bury Grammar school, as we share the record breaking GCSE results with our students. The Sixth Form team are excited to invite so many intelligent and committed young people to spend the next two years of their education at the Bury Grammar School Sixth Form.'

The Future – a three year GCSE course and additional teaching time at A Level

At Bury Grammar School, we are always looking to the future and seeking to improve still further. Following the changes we made to our curriculum last year, future generations of GCSE pupils will have three rather than two years to prepare for these truly demanding qualifications and should, we would anticipate, be therefore aiming to do even better.
In addition, the extra teaching time we have allocated to each A Level subject (more than any other school or college we know of in the area) also means that future A Level generations really should also be setting their sights high. We would certainly encourage them to do so.

We will continue to look ahead as a school and plan strategically to do the very best for our pupils.

Many congratulations to pupils, parents and staff!