BGS goes from six to eight form entry at 11+

BGS goes from six to eight form entry at 11+

Thanks to a growing reputation as a School which is friendly, welcoming and inspires confidence in parents - and following a period of exceptional examination results, flawless inspections and outstanding successes in university and career outcomes - the number of pupils applying to join Bury Grammar School is seeing a surge year on year.
‘Bury Grammar School seeks to be a leading academic institution and the school of first choice for pupils, parents and staff in the area’ – so reads the School’s mission statement of its aims, which it appears to be more than fulfilling.   

Bury Grammar School is proud to announce that, from September 2019, both the Girls’ Senior School and the Boys’ Senior School will move from three to four form entry in Year 7. And this in a year in which the School has been more rigorous about academic entry criteria.

The new cohort of 2019 will represent the largest number of 11 year old pupils Bury Grammar School has had since 2010. 

Headmaster, Mr Devin Cassidy, said ‘I am absolutely delighted that we are moving up to four forms in Year 7 in both the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools.  It appears that the community recognises what BGS can offer and can see that we are moving forward with a real sense of purpose and positivity.  We are committed to providing an inspiring education fit for the 21st century, while maintaining the caring family spirit which has always been at the heart of the School. Every BGS pupil is known as an individual and cared for exceptionally well.’

As Bury Grammar School goes into its 450th year, it is not just Year 7 that has seen an increase in pupil numbers – in fact, the Bury Grammar family is growing as a whole and many year groups are full.

BGS Kindergarten has grown by more than 30 over the last 8 months, with more children set to join after Easter. And there is an extra class of pupils going from Year 4 into Year 5.  

Mrs Sharon Lewis, Head of Admissions, says, ‘Pupils who pass an assessment to join Bury Grammar School in Year 5 are not obliged to sit the entrance exam at 11+ for entry into Year 7. This is because we are confident that, such are the high standards of our Junior Schools, those pupils who join us before the age of nine will continue to fly and be more than ready for the wonderful challenges of our Senior School.’   

The School puts its growing success down to a number of factors – not only rigorous academic standards, but a commitment to nurturing the ‘whole person’ and a deep-seated desire to bring out the best in its young people.

Principal, Mrs Jo Anderson, said, ‘Every young person only has one chance at education and we are absolutely set on making every day count for them. We have an unwavering belief that every single pupil can fly and an unshakeable resolve to continue to provide a supportive and uplifting environment in our School. Our experience is that when staff and pupils feel happy, supported and challenged, great things can happen!  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the growth in pupil numbers has coincided with an increase in the number of applicants for teaching roles. Am I surprised that more and more people want to join our school? No, not at all. This is a place where individuals are encouraged to grow and be themselves. It is just a shame that we are not able to offer a place for everyone who would like to join us.’ 

The School puts much of its success down to its down-to-earth approach coupled with its commitment to high standards, and of course its talented and personable pupils who are magnificent ambassadors for BGS in the  community. 

‘We would like to put on record our gratitude to everyone who works hard to make Bury Grammar such a successful school and plays a key role in the BGS family,’ added the Headmaster and Headmistress. ‘More and more people are coming with us on the BGS journey – which might begin before the age of 3 and certainly carries on well beyond the age of 18 and into adulthood.  We almost certainly have a slightly biased view, but we think a Bury Grammar education is unbeatable!’

As Bury Grammar School goes into its 450th year, the school community is looking back on its distinguished history with much pride and also looking to the future with great confidence.