BGS students to visit Auschwitz

BGS students to visit Auschwitz

Four Year 12 students from BGS Sixth Form; Isobel Lewis, Kate Higgins, Hashim Tahir and Amaan Sadiq have been chosen to take part in the ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ Project (LFA) which is organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust. 

The Trust is a charity which educates young people about the Holocaust and the important lessons which this terrible event teaches us about tolerance in today’s world.

The ‘Lessons from Auschwitz Project’ begins with a seminar where students learn about pre-War Jewish life, hear a first-hand testimony from a Holocaust survivor, and prepare for a Holocaust-related site visit. 

Participants then visit Poland for a day where they will tour Auschwitz with both a local guide and a trained LFA educator who leads group discussions. 

This will be followed with a seminar to reflect on the visit, explore the contemporary relevance of the Holocaust and devise practical ideas for the ‘Next Steps’ component of the Project. 

In their ‘Next Steps’ the students will share their experience with BGS pupils and become ambassadors for the Holocaust Educational Trust. 

Delighted to be participating in this project, our Sixth-Formers commented as follows: 

Kate Higgins: “I think it is extremely important to understand why such a terrible genocide happened, and to learn about the stories of survivors so that the Holocaust will not be forgotten. Going to Auschwitz will be an eye-opening experience and will help to educate the younger generation about the dangers of prejudice and ignorance, to ensure that the tragedy of the Holocaust is never repeated.”

Hashim Tahir: “This project is a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge about such a poignant event in modern history. I believe that visiting a historical site gives students a different perspective about events or periods in history because it helps you to visualise more effectively what the conditions were like at the time. Visiting Auschwitz will be valuable to me for this purpose since I have never visited the concentration camp before and it will give me a unique insight.”

Isobel Lewis: “I’m looking forward to learning more about the Holocaust because I think it’s incredibly important to remember the atrocities that were committed. It is only by visiting camps such as Auschwitz that we can appreciate the extent of the horrors and the devastating impact they had on so many lives.”

Amaan Sadiq: “Personally, I see this as an opportunity of a lifetime to visit a site of such historical significance. This can help further my knowledge and understanding of the tragic events of the Holocaust, coming face to face with arguably history’s most famed places which are both fascinating yet sombre.”

We are sure that our sixth formers will learn a great deal from this wonderful opportunity and that they will be sensitive ambassadors for the Holocaust Educational Trust.